Where can I use Old Navy credit card? Can you use it anywhere?

The Old Navy credit card is approved by GAP hence it can be used in Banana Republic Factory store or at Athleta, Gap, Old Navy, and Gap Factory Store. Since VISA cards are accepted at Walmart, hence you can use the card there.

Can you use Old Navy credit card anywhere?

The VISA card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted but the in-store card or closed-loop card can only be used at Gap-affiliated places.

How to use Old Navy credit card?

Using the Old Navy credit card is possible both online and offline. If you are shopping from an online store approved by Old Navy or Gap, you can use the closed-loop in-store card and also the VISA card conveniently.

The VISA card can be used anywhere the VISA card is accepted.

Here’s how you can profit from the credit card.

use my Old Navy credit card
  1. Every $1 purchase will give you 5 points in Old Navy and all its sister stores.
  2. Anywhere else when you use the credit card, you will get one point for a $1 purchase like the grocery store, restaurants, gas stations.
  3. If you sign up for electronic billing, you will get 500 points and for using the correct email address you can get 500 points.
  4. Rewards are given in an increment of $5 and upto $50.
  5. Every reward will give you a limit of $250 that you can earn every month.
  6. If your credit card is not used in the past 24 months at all, you will end up losing all the credit card coins.
  7. Your purchase value should be more than the reward certificate value.
  8. Reward points are also refundable, which means any transaction made using the reward points is refunded back to the account as soon as the purchase is returned back to the company.
  9. Redeeming rewards is possible in-store, online and over the phone for purchases made in Old Navy and Gap brands.
  10. Rewards are not meant for gift card purchases.
  11. Three reward certificates are used for making a single purchase either in-store or via mail.
  12. Five reward certificates are obtained for online and phone purchases.

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How to check card balance?

  1. You can check it online or over the phone by calling customer care at 1-866-450-5294.
  2. You can also use the Synchrony app to check your balance.
  3. Login to the Old Navy credit card and add your card number, end digits of your SSN, and the ZIP code.
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How to find my Old Navy credit card number?

It is right there on your card or your credit card account in your account profile.

What bank does Old Navy credit card use?

Synchrony is the bank that offers the Old Navy credit card.


From this article, you can understand how the card works and also ways in which you can check the credit card balance and other details.

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