IEC registration Online application Form (Complete Guide)

IEC or the Import export code is a key business identification number that every business doing international business must have. The application to get this code is known as the IEC code and every business must have this to run the business.

This is issued by the government and thus has a strict procedure. There are certain criteria that each business must fulfill to get the code.

How to Apply for IEC Online Application?

IEC registration online

To apply for the IEC 2021 all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Go to the official website of the IEC.
  • Next fill in all the details that they ask for that is requirements, followed by the constitution of business, business activity, pan, name, address, residence, mail, and number.
  • After you fill all these you need to proceed and pay the amount they ask for.
  • As you pay the amount your application will be submitted.

How to Register for IEC online?

One simply needs to visit the online website of the IEC and then they just need to fill the form that is there accordingly. Next, up all you need to do is pay the amount that is required and then submit the form. As you submit the IEC registration form your application will be submitted and your business will thus get registered.

Application Requirements

The requirements for the application are as follows:-

  • Mobile number
  • Email id of the applicant
  • Name of the entity that is the name that will be filled in the IEC card
  • Owner’s residential address with proof
  • Address of the entity and this will be the same address that will get  printed on the card
  • PAN of the entity with the correct number and details
  • Business activity and define it properly
  • Constitution of business that is the business type
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How to Check IEC Application Status?

To check, the application status visit the official website and go to the option which says “status check”. This will require a unique id number and with that number, you can check the status of your application.

How long does Application Process take?

The process is very simple and easy and it just takes 10-15 days to process.

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