Nexus Card Application: Know Requirements & Status

With Nexus, crossing the borders is easy for those pre-approved to travel in the United States and Canada. Run together with the United States government and Canada, Nexus works in conjunction with the US customs and border protection and the Canadian Border Service Agency.

Using Nexus for border crossing is free of cost for individuals 18 or below that age. A non-refundable fee of $50 for attaining a 5-year membership.

Nexus Card Application step by step

Nexus Card Application

Here’s how individuals can apply for a Nexus card.

  1. Enter the Trusted Travel website portal and then choose Nexus from the five different options available.
  2. Now either click to sign in or create a profile with Homeland Security.
  3. Either register with your email ID or use your government employee ID to log in.
  4. Once logged in, fill up your form quickly, pay the one-time non-refundable fee and add all the necessary documents to keep going.

What are the application Requirements?

To apply, one must be eligible, and to be eligible, you must fulfill the below conditions.

  1. Users must be a citizen of the United States or Canada and can reside in either of the countries.
  2. The person is never charged for any criminal offense or admissible crimes.
  3. They must not have any serious health conditions. The details of the health conditions are listed in the link shared here separately for both the US and Canada.

How to check Nexus card application status?

  1. If you applied online, log into the Nexus site.
  2. Visit the section marked as view my submitted applications or profiles.
  3. Further, click on the check status and messages segment.
  4. If you applied manually, you can still visit the online tool and get your application details. Bit for using this system, you will need to link your paper application to your online profile.
  5. If you applied through eTA, you can check your application status right through their portal.
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How to use NEXUS card?

The Nexus card can be used at US and Canadian airports and kiosks, even in eGates.

Like in Canada facial verification kiosks are located only in eight airports. Once you enter the US, pre-cleared from Canada, visit the global entry kiosks.

  1. Complete the global entry process in the kiosks in the US and Canada;
  • Choose the language you want,
  • Add the number of travelers traveling with you.
  • Upon the machine’s prompt, scan the Nexus card.
  • Incorporate your personal information as well as your identity.
  • A photo capture will be done, and take the printed receipt
  • Carry the receipt you receive at the kiosk and hand it over to the CBP officer.
  • Move to the transporter or inspection area as deemed fit.

NEXUS card benefits

Nexus has several benefits, and those are;

  1. Moving quickly through the border lanes by using Nexus kiosks when entering Canada and via global entry kiosks when entering the United States.
  2. You can call a marine telephone reporting center to declare your entry into the United States and Canada.

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How long does it take to get a Nexus card?

It can typically take 4-12 weeks to complete the verification and processing of Nexus applications. There is no bulk processing of applications, and it is done individually.


If you are planning to travel as international airlines start running their flights, start your Nexus applications now. This way, the next time you travel to the United States or Canada, simply carry the Nexus card with you to get through long waiting lines faster.

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