Say Yes to the Dress Application in 5 Easy Steps

The show Say Yes to the Dress application is set to follow the bridal journey in Kleinfield Bridal in Manhattan. With the show, you go through the tales of individual sales associates, managers, and store fitters and find alongside the perfect wedding dress for the bride.

Say Yes to the Dress series is an American reality TV show that airs on TLC. The show covers family and friends who come up with their advice for the bride. They also go through the personal journey of the bride and her struggle with finding the right cost-effective dress for her wedding. The dress can cost anywhere in the range of $1300 to $40,000.

How to Apply for Say Yes to the Dress Application?

To apply for the Say Yes to the Dress series, here are the steps and the information you need to add.

Step 1- To start with the Say Yes to Dress application start by filling up your name, email address, phone number, and mailing address to their website

Say Yes to the Dress

Step 2- Add your zip code, and occupation details, include the contact time and add a photo of yours. Include your Instagram handle for a start.

Apply Say Yes to the Dress

Step 3- Add all your social media handles in their given spaces.

Social media
Details SYTTD
SYTTD wedding

Step 4- Add a bit about yourself in the given space after adding about your wedding venue.

Your details SYTTD

Step 5- Next comes a lot of terms and conditions to agree to before you click on the submit tab.

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What are the Dress Application Requirements?

The application requirements include the following terms and conditions.

  1. To be in the Say Yes to the Dress show, you must be a real bride.
  2. Shooting will entirely happen in Kleinfield so all brides must be ready for it.
  3. The filming will happen on a weekday at Kleinfield.
  4. There could be a necessity to prepare the bride and sometimes it can extend to almost ten hours.
  5. To come to the store, you cannot carry any food or beverage with you.

Who is Eligible?

Here’s what eligibility will mean for the bride;

  1. Whoever accompanies the brides need approval from the producers of the show.
  2. The cost of the dress must be borne by the bride.
  3. The cameras will enter the dressing room and the bride must be ready for it.
  4. No bride in the show can talk to Randy Fenoli unless the show begins.
  5. Brides will not decide on the show air date and time.

How does Say Yes to the Dress work?

The show is all about helping brides find their dream dress before they walk down the aisle for their marriage. A lot of people have been helped to date and the show is a sensation people can’t just forget. The venue, the presentation, and each bride’s story make it unique in its own way.


The sensational show airs every year bringing new brides, guests, and their stories. If you want to be part of the show, here’s something you need to know about it before you fill in their application form.

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