How to check Social Security Disability Application Status?

Social security disability applications can be filed by those who are 18 years or older and are not receiving any kind of social security benefits. If someone is unable to find work due to a medical condition that might last for 12 months or result in death can apply for social security benefits.

If your application was denied in the past 60 days and for medical reasons, you can also reapply.

Apply using the four simple steps;

  • By printing and reviewing the adult disability checklist.
  • Complete the disability benefit application
  • Fill out the medical release form & the Adult Disability Report
  • Fill out the disclosure authorization form

Once you fill out the application, you need to wait for some time before you go ahead and check the application status.

After receiving your online application, it goes through the following processes.

  1. Your application confirmation will reach you either by mail or via phone.
  2. The application will undergo a thorough review process.
  3. For more information on documents, they might contact you.
  4. You will receive information on whether you will be eligible for the benefit along with your family.
  5. Finally, you will receive the amount.

Can I check status of disability claim without a confirmation number?

You cannot check your disability status without the confirmation number online as well as when you call them.

However, when you visit their office, you can use other information like your name and other application details to check on their disability status.

How to check social security disability application status?

To check the Disability application status, you will need to either;

  • Go online and check the claim from your “My Social Security” account.
  • You can also call the toll-free number- 1-800-772-1213 (TTY- 1-800-325-0778).
  • You can visit their social security office.

Your application status will show the following;

  1. Filing date
  2. Location of your recent claim and servicing office
  3. Your scheduled hearing date and time
  4. For incomplete applications check on the re-entry numbers
  5. Based on your claim, click on the publications that might interest you.
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Why is my disability application taking so long?

Ideally, there are a few reasons why the approval of your disability application would take a long time.

  1. Missing paperwork

If your paperwork is missing, the authorities will try to contact you and will provide you with a window period to resend the paperwork.

  1. Absence of medical evidence

Most of all if there is no medical evidence for your disability or disease your application may not pass through. Ensure you submit the right medical details about your condition if you want to get the benefits.

  1. Approval from a doctor or a hospital

It might take a month or more for a doctor or a hospital to approve and acknowledge a patient’s condition. This reason is one of the most potent reasons behind the delay of the application.

  1. Potential backlog of disability application

There is already a significant backlog in the number of disability application approval processes. Besides the approval process is slow, there are only a few who get through the application process.

What are social security disability benefits?

Social security disability benefits include a monthly benefit of an average of $1,361.40 for disabled workers.

There is a benefit even for their spouse that includes $377.02 per month and the children of disabled workers can get $431.25 monthly.

In a family of two children with a disabled father and a mother, an average amount of $2600.

The amount that you will receive will depend on the average lifetime earnings that were contributed towards you by social security.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to know if your approved for social security disability?

You will receive a mail from them when and if you are approved for your social security disability benefits.

How long does it take to approve social security disability?

Almost at a gap of five months, you will start receiving your benefits; however, it will start immediately for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients. If your application was made in January 2022, you will get your benefit from June 2022.


If you have applied for the social security benefit, you must find out more about the details post application from this article.

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