How to Apply for Student Loan Debt Relief Application?

The student debt relief is a one time student benefit announced by President Biden. Under this benefit scheme, any federal loan holders will be able to get a one-time pardon of $10,000. If they have Pell grants, they can get upto $20,000.

There are almost 8 million people from previous years with debts who will apply for the grant. An estimated $6 million will apply for the grant even from this year. A lot of people are finding the grant useful and are grateful to President Joe Biden for his decision which was one on the agenda when he became the President.

Here are some essential dates that must be at your fingertips if you plan to apply for debt relief.

Early OctoberSimple application for forgiveness will be out
15th NovemberApplication deadline
31st DecemberPausing Federal student loan

Who is Eligible for one time student loan debt relief application?

Student loan eligibility for the student loan debt relief application would mean fulfilling the following;

  1. If you earned less than $125,000 in 2020 or 2021, or you earned less than $250,000, with a student federal loan on your shoulders, it means you are eligible for the loan.
  2. Those who took the loan before 30th June 2022 then you are eligible.
  3. Pell grant receivers can receive a grant upto $20,000 and people with other types of federal grants can receive relief of $10,000.
  4. Forgiveness for the student loan is as per the borrower and not as per loans. If you have taken a loan for your child and another for yourself, you are still eligible for loan relief of only $10,000 to $20,000.
  5. Current students do not need to fill out an application form if they has already filled the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Even those 2 million do not have to file an application that have already taken up the income-bound repayments plans and has submitted their income details in 2021 and 2020. Other 8 million will need to submit an application form.
  6. Low to middle income borrowers can only earn this forgiveness or debt relief.

What are Debt Relief Application Requirements?

The debt relief application requirements will include these essentials.

  1. You must submit your total income during these two years and also provide proof of the amounts you received.
  2. Provide your permanent mailing address, phone number and email details with your application.
  3. Intimate the amount of loan you paid back during this span and also state if you have already paid 120 instalments for 10 years. Your rest of the loan can be easily forgiven and even the amount being liberated by the government will also be added to free you of the burden.
  4. You can also provide the details of your employment during this period. It must include your current employer details and also your past employer tags.
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How to Apply for Student Loan Debt Relief Application?

The application will be released soon by the US education department and students will have to fill it. To complete the application form, there will be several sections to complete.

  1. Include your current personal details that you need to fulfill it out.
  2. Add your employment information in the given section.
  3. Incorporate your education details including your degrees and other essential information.
  4. Student debt related information must also go into your application form.
  5. You will have to sign and date your application form once you have carefully filled in all the details.

Can you get debt relief for student loans?

If you want to get debt relief for student loans you must know a few things-

  1. You must have a Federal student loan on your head including Pell grants.
  2. Those who apply for a student loan must not have applied for private loans.
  3. Students must be working and already repaying their loans.
  4. Those impacted by COVID-19 can also apply even if they haven’t paid the loan during this period.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the student loan debt relief tax credit?

The student loan debt relief tax credit can be taken by those who have

  • In-state tuitions
  • University or college graduation from that particular state
  • A higher income burden ratio is what the applicant must have on their head.
  • An outstanding loan of $5000 and a borrowed amount of $20,000 towards a student loan.
  • All residents who apply might receive $875 to $1000 as the student loan debt relief tax credit.

How does student debt relief work?

As per the announcement, low to middle income earning groups can apply for loan forgiveness. If the student debt relief is to be availed of by a prior year student, they will need to fill out an application form. Once the officials receive your online or offline application, you will be notified if you qualify. Post approval, the money will be sent to your loan provider directly and the student relief will be implemented.

Where does student loan forgiveness money come from?

The forgiveness money comes from the Federal government funds that are especially stacked up to benefit the student loan forgiveness.


The student loan forgiveness option is available for students who belong to low-income to middle-income earning groups. If you want to enjoy it, you must carefully read all the updates that come out for it and then once the application form is out, you must fill and return the form. A judgment will be made post this application stage and if you qualify you can get forgiveness. Read a few essential details from this article.

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