TIA Online Application Process Guide [How to Apply]

Accountancy helps you get a job in one of the most trusted and prestigious companies. They offer graduate and post-graduate courses and those applying to the Tanzanian Institute of Accountancy (TIA) must always contact the Tanzanian admission guidebook.

The TIA has the option of hard copy forms or online forms for those who wish to take up their courses. Most of their different courses have different eligibility and application requirements. To go through all the details, you will need to read this entire article.

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How to apply for TIA online application?

Click on the link to fill out the application form for the TIA online admissions.

  • The first step is to navigate to the undergraduate and postgraduate segments and browse through the instructions carefully.
  • Next, file for the registration by clicking on the register tab. What you need to fill in is your first name, surname, email address, telephone number and O-level index number.

The first box asks you to select the level you wish to complete like form 4 or 6, certificate, or another diploma including our foundation and bachelor’s degree.

Next, fill in the level index number and choose the completion year.

TIA online apply
  • Use your username and password to login to your site and then start by entering details in the application available for your course on the site.
  • After the registration, the site will automatically generate a control number. You will need to pay an application fee and also complete the application. If you want to successfully apply for the position, you must pay 10, 000/=TZS as the fee per application.
  • Once you have paid your application fee, only then can you go ahead and choose your course. Submit the completed application after filling in all the steps and details.
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What are Application Requirements?

Application requirements for TIA admissions vary from one award type to another.

NECTA CSEE AwardsYou will need a valid working personal email ID and phone number.You must use the IV Index number to verify your educational qualifications.
NECTA ACSEE AwardeeA personal email address and a phone number are a must.IV Index number and Form VI Index number for educational results verification
FTC and others (Ordinary Diploma/Equivalent to Ordinary Diploma)Include the NACTE Awards verification number.A personal email address and a phone number is absolutely essential.
Foreign Certificate of ACSEEPDF format of scanned original certificatesA valid working email address and a working phone number

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible for the TIA admissions if you fulfil the following eligibility criteria. Those who wish to find out more about the different course eligibility requirements can refer to the different courses.

  • If you are a Tanzanian, you must have an individual ID card of your own and if you are from another country, a passport is a must.
  • To get admission, you must be fulfilling the age requirement for each degree or diploma there is an age requirements to comply with.
  • You should be able to pay the fees and different courses will have different fees.
  • You must match their educational requirements and also your conduct details during your previous degrees must be clearly specified.

Application Fees

For each course that you apply for, you must pay a sum of 10000/=TZS. Ideally, if you apply for three courses, you will need to pay 30,000/=TZS as an amount.


The TIA admissions have a lot of crowds to handle. Many students love to make a career in managing others money and assets and thus the Accounts streams are so famous. Whenever a round of application ends, with it, comes the student lists of those admitted in the courses for which the previous application rounds were open.

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