How to CHECK MSP Application Status [Guide]

The MSP application, once complete, will provide you with the best options for your health. A health insurance policy is a must when staying outside your own country, and if you are in Canada, knowing more about MSP can help you in difficult times.

Once you complete your application, you will need to wait for their approval. After MSP approval, you will get the MSP card delivered to your home. You can use your MSP card to get insurance benefits at any hospital.

But if somehow your application is done and you are yet to hear from them, do note the process in which you can track your MSP application status.

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How to check MSP application status?

One way to track the application status is to request MSP account confirmation, which can be done using the link present here i.e. You can use it to check the MSP enrollment status and the status of your provincial service card and can also learn more about the name, coverage, effective date, and coverage end date. You can use it to demonstrate the total coverage through your MSP plan.

Step 1- To provide the MSP details, you need to provide the following details about yourself and your family.

  • Personal Health Number (PHN)
  • Birth date of all individuals
  • All of the individuals’ addresses

Step 2- After you submit the MSP account confirmation, you will get a reference number. You must allow two to three weeks before you receive your MSP account confirmation mail.

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MSP online application

Step 3- Once you have read and acknowledged the terms and conditions, click on the checkbox and then press the Continue tab.

Step 4- Next, add the details as shown in the screenshot below to request an Account Confirmation letter.


Step 5- Your account confirmation status for MSP can be seen in the letter.

How long does MSP application take?

Usually, one needs to apply for MSP the day they land in the country. Once the application is complete, go ahead and ask for an MSP application confirmation mail. With this mail, you can track your status, as it will be mentioned in the letter.

But, you must be ready to wait for two months and the remaining number of days in the month when your MSP application was approved. On average, the approval and issuance can take up to three months.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does everyone need to take a MSP?

In certain provinces, you will certainly need to take an MSP the moment you land in their province. But you will need to check your provincial laws. Thus, ideally, everyone needs to take an MSP in British Columbia.

Does MSP coverage have an expiry date?

MSP coverage has an expiry date, which corresponds to the end of your course or the end of your work permit.

Is your credit score impacted by your MSP?

Generally, many people fear that MSP might take a bit of their credit scores, but it is untrue, and no impact will come upon your credit score if you apply for one.


All MSP-score applicants are guaranteed health coverage; however, there is a three-month waiting period. Additionally, international students might feel a bit insecure without health insurance. However, almost everyone is covered by it. If you want to track MSP application status, ensure you read the process for the MSP account confirmation mail.

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