Vodacom Contract Online Application Requirements, status

South African cell phone lines work in the best possible ways for those who need them the most. Vodacom has millions of contracts with South African people like every other network operating in South Africa. With them, individuals can take up expensive devices which otherwise would be too costly when taken on credit. Under the contract, you get the facility to pay only a small amount of money per month. Instead, if you would have bought a gadget you would pay far higher EMIs. Applying for their contract is possible but you would need a certain set of documents and essential details to file for it.

Can I apply for a Vodacom contract online?

You can apply for the Vodacom contract online easily. There is a separate online section link where you can apply for the Vodacom online contract.

Who is Eligible for Vodacom contract?

Eligibility for the Vodacom contract will include the following;

  1. Applicants must seek a municipal councillor letter for the Vodacom contract.
  2. You must be able to prove you are using the residence whose details you suffice.
  3. Individuals must be South African citizens if they want to take the Vodacom contract.
  4. Applicants need to be 18 years or more to apply for the Vodacom contract.

What documents are required?

There are several documents that you require for the Vodacom contract. Refer to the below section for the application requirements.

  1. The residence permit is essential for the Vodacom contract.
  2. Your current pay slips will matter when you fill out the Vodacom contract application.
  3. A decent credit score is a must for the Vodacom contract.
  4. You must have a running bank account where you have transactions in the last three months. You will need a copy of the bank statements for your Vodacom contract.
  5. For self-employed people, the earnings need to be at least R3500 every month and you can prove it through your bank statement.
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Vodacom contract online application

To apply for the Vodacom contract online application, you need visit this website vodacom4u.co.za to start it.

  • Press on the Contracts tab and when the Vodacom contract application opens, you will need to fill it in.
  • Enter the first and last name and then include the cellphone number in the contact number segment.
  • Add your email address and then follow the prompts to reach the next page where you need to fill in all details to complete the application.

How to upgrade Vodacom contract online?

To upgrade the Vodacom contract online, check if you can apply for it. Now, check the upgrade due date and then press the upgrade now tab. Fill out the application form and after tapping the Upgrade now tab to seek the upgrade.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to get a Vodacom contract?

The Vodafone contract will be given within 3-5 days to the individuals. Those who want to avail of the contract must apply and wait for that period to get it.

Can I have two Vodacom contracts?

As per the voice price and data price plan contract, you can have a maximum of 4 SIMs. You can keep them all with you or share them with your family.


The Vodacom contract is one of the best ways to acquire a good gadget at a price cheaper than the available EMIs. To go ahead with the contract application, you must be aware of the eligibility and the application requirements. Find out more about the application details here.

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