Wonga loan Application Eligibility, Requirements (Complete Guide)

Many online loan lenders offer loans to people. However, these companies’ loan granting process is complicated and time-consuming. Also, many customers wait for months to get personal loans resulting in the mismanagement of funds. Furthermore, the exceeding interest rates are another troublesome factor.

At the same time, Wonga provides short-term loans to people having a quick and convenient approval process. So, let’s learn more about Wonga loan application, eligibility, and requirements. 

What is a Wonga loan application?


Wonga delivers immediate short-term personal loan terms to people online. The entire loan approval process is conducted online. Moreover, the company has adopted sophisticated technology that swiftly scans documents and applications and grants loans in no time. Therefore, today, Wonga is a top-notch loan lending company and is the first to provide loans based online. 

Candidates don’t need to wait in a long queue and meet several people for loan approval. They will get the loans in the comfort of their homes. Interested applicants must select the borrowing amount and repayment date. Consequently, they can repay loans in the designated time with interest rates. 

Candidates must meet some eligibility criteria and requirements to get a loan at Wonga. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

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What are the eligibility criteria for the Wonga loan application?

Wonga only gives short-term loans, which are easy to repay with interest. Also, the interest rates of such loans are more convenient to pay than others. However, the eligibility to get these loans is a must. 

The following are the eligibility criteria for the Wonga loan application:

  • Candidates must only apply for a Wonga loan if they are in suitable economic status. 
  • Candidates should only belong to South Africa.
  • Candidates must have a bank account in any South African bank.
  • The credit score should be less than average. Ensure that you have an ideal credit history because the company verifies the information with your bank before granting loans.
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What are the requirements?

Below are the requirements that an ideal applicant must satisfy to get Wonga loans:

  • Ideal candidates must have South African citizenship.
  • Candidates should be old enough for the loan.
  • Their credit history must be good.
  • Candidates must have a bank account in a South African bank and produce proof of it.
  • An ideal candidate must have a steady job. 
  • Candidates must provide address proof. 

You can proceed with the application if you meet the above-listed requirements. 

How to apply?

Let’s glance at step-by-step instructions for the Wonga loan application process:

  • Visit ‘wonga.co.za’ in any web browser. 
  • Register and create your account with Wonga.
  • Select an amount from $4000 to R8000. (R4000 for 3 months and R8000 for 6 months)
  • Set the loan period.
  • Select whether you want to cover your credit life.
  • Click on ‘Apply Now.’
  • Fill out the primary details.
  • Provide all the required documents. 
  • Click on ‘Submit.’


As you see, Wonga’s loan approval and application process is seamless and completed within minutes. A customer can get these loans for a three or six-month period. Moreover, you can also opt for a payday loan that only lasts for 30 days. Wonga is transparent and believes in customer satisfaction. Therefore, the company will share everything related to your loan application status and other details. 

So, for emergencies and instant loans, visit Wonga and get a short-term loan. 


Can an unemployed person get a loan from Wonga?

Wonga doesn’t grant loans to the unemployed. So, you must have a steady job with an active income to get loan approval from Wonga.

Does Wonga provide student loans?

Presently, Wonga doesn’t provide student loans. Gladly, a student with an average-income job can apply for a loan at Wonga. However, they must be eligible to repay the loans.

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