Hooters job Application Online Process [Step-by-Step]

Hooters jobs are primarily restaurant or bar jobs that come along in over 400 locations across 28 different countries. They are known for their sports bar atmosphere tropical themes and restaurant opportunities come along either in-person or through hooters job application website.

Its first restaurant was opened in 1983 in Clearwater Florida where it has grown into a huge chain. There is a lot of quality with their jobs and a lot of restaurant workers prefer working with them. There are almost 430 franchises all over the world and if you wish to jobs with them fill up their application form.

With beach-themed restaurants, their chicken wings and curly fries are highly sought after. Hooter girls are a position offering that attracts many young women to it. Go for their part-time or full-time jobs to make a career or to start one.

Steps to apply for Hooters job application

To apply for the Hooters job application, you must open the Hooters Career website page on your system, to begin with;

  • Once you’re on the page, either click on the Apply Now tabs or choose to chat with them to find out more about job availabilities.
  • Scroll down and click on the Apply Now tab to start the application.
Apply Now Hooters
  • Your job listings will appear here or you can start to search for your job here.
Job Listings Hooters
  • Either click on all open job positions or choose the job you are looking for by entering your location from the dropdown and your job type in the box.
  • Click on your job and read through the job details for the position you have chosen.
  • Apply for the job by clicking on the red apply button on the right hand side if you are satisfied with the job details. Start by entering your email address in the given box.
  • Enter your basic information like name, login username, password, and email ID.
  • Profile building can be done by either pulling profile details from your different social profiles or by entering them manually.
  • In the third segment, add your education and experience details. Alongside also enter all other details necessary for filling up the form.
  • In the last segment, add your EEO (equal employment opportunity) details.
Hooters Build your profile

Once done submit your profile after completing the application form.

What are Hooters job Application Requirements?

Application requirements for Hooters jobs include the following factors;

  1. Add your EEO and other identity details with your application.
  2. Include your educational certificates as per the position requirement.
  3. Submit your previous job experiences if your job position requires prior experience in a certain job type and if you are not a fresher.
  4. Put in your valid email address and phone number in the given spaces.
  5. Add proof of your address and your birth date with your application.
  6. All of those who will be serving or dealing with alcohol must have a ServSafe alcohol certification.
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Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for hooters job application involves fulfilling certain criteria;

  1. Basic mathematical computational skills are a must for job seekers with Hooters.
  2. Meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years or if there is an age range for a certain job type, you may need to go ahead with it.
  3. Basic physical and mental fitness is a must as every job requires moving around a lot within a restaurant setting.
  4. One must have the ability to multi-task and also should be a team worker.
  5. Applicants should not have a criminal background or history.

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Hooters Job Benefits

Benefits differ from one country to another. Their benefits will include the ones given below;

  1. Insurances ranging from medical, dental, and vision-related ones are given to all permanent workers.
  2. Paid vacations and time off is given to all employees.
  3. Employee Assistance programs and industry certifications are also available to all workers.
  4. You can also get your tuition reimbursements from them.\


Is it easy to get a job at Hooters?

It is easy to get a job at Hooters if you meet all their requirements. But for those who do not meet their requirements, you might need to put in a little extra effort to get their jobs.

Is Hooters hiring?

Hooters keep hiring every time they need new staff and to get a job with them keep watching their career page for more information.

What is the starting pay at Hooters?

The starting pay varies from one country to another and can vary with experience in that field. For Hooter girls the pay is registered somewhere between $2 (£1.47) and $10 (£7.34) per hour. The mean is $5 (£3.67) per hour and all the five US states have their own wage policies that have nothing to do with the Federal government’s wage policies.

Can you work at Hooters at 16?

You must at least be 17 years old to start your work with them.


To work at Hooters you must read through the job application process to apply. With handsome benefits, people often prefer working with them.

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