What are the requirements for medical council in Sri Lanka?

Medical colleges are entrusted with the role of offering medical degrees to individuals who pursue the study of medicine. Every year thousands of medical council route students to differently built graduation-level programs.

Similarly, Sri Lankan citizens can apply for the SLMC registration and application process if they want to learn medicine there. Simultaneously, even non-Sri Lankans can apply for their medical seats but the requirements and eligibility will vary based on the country from where you are applying. Section 67A permits people and professionals to temporarily register themselves for the course of medicine.

How to do SLMC Registration?

No one can enter their medical college without filling up the application form. To apply one needs to register on their online portal. The registration process is nothing elaborate and all you need to do is fill out a simple form.

The process of SLMC registration begins by completing the following steps.

  • After reaching their website, search for the registration tab from the uppermost series of tabs. Press the online registration option after choosing it.
SLMC Registration
  • From the list of available options, choose the provisional registration tab to start a new registration for your MBBS degree.
SLMC online Registration
  • Once the registration page opens, start by filling in details like your email address, mobile number and password. Complete the captcha and then press the request registration tab to complete the registration process.
SLMC application
  • You will receive verification codes for your account in the email ID and phone number. Fill in those verification codes in the appropriate specified place and click on confirm to complete the registration process.

How to apply for SLMC application?

To apply for SLMC, you must login to your online portal. The login must be done using the username and password that you chose. Apart from applying for an MBBS degree, you can also perform several other activities within your online account. Press on the available application tab to start the application.

  • Add the initial and surname, gender, NIC, mobile number and email address to begin the application process.
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Apply here SLMC
  • Next is the address section where you have to add your house number, city and state details.
Address SLMC
  • Add your advanced level degree and include the index number with the passing-out year. Also include your biology, chemistry & physics marks in the given columns.
Medicine Degree Registration
  • In the next segment, add your degree or diploma details including the effective pass-out date and the enrollment date.
Registration process

After completing the rest of the application and the prompts, you can click to submit the information by clicking on the Submit tab.

What are application requirements?

There are only three application requirements for filling up the application form.

  1. Include the address in the given segment to complete the application.
  2. Add your advanced level degree, and your highest degree or diploma.
  3. Your date of joining and passing out date from the university must also be added in the given columns.

Who is Eligible?

To apply for SLMC and be eligible, here are the parameters that you need to refer to understand if you can fill out their application form.

  • Individuals who wish to apply need to be 17 years of age or above to qualify.
  • Each of the individuals applying must get S grades in Physics, Chemistry and Biology papers.
  • NIC number needs to be added for Sri Lankan citizens.
  • If they are from other foreign lands, you must submit your passport as proof of identity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to check SLMC application status?

Once you are in the online portal add your username and password to login to your account. After logging in search for the application status page to find out where your application is placed.

You can alternatively call 94717412222 to find out more about your application status.

What are SLMC contact details?

Call 94717412222 number or use their fax number (+94 112 674 787) if you wish to get in touch with them.

To visit their office, route to;

31 Norris Canal Road,


Sri Lanka.


The SLMC admission process begins similar to other medical college universities. Everywhere any admission process starts by forwarding an application. After filling up the application form, you can easily proceed towards the next essential steps.

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