Eagle scout Rank Application Form (Deadline, Requirements)

What is the eagle scout application?

The eagle scout application is an application that is made by the aspirants to join the Eagle Scouts of America. The Eagle Scouts of America is the highest rank that is achievable by any person under the Boy Scouts of America. The eagle scout application requires the candidates to fulfill all the application conditions and is followed by a rigorous review of the same before granting the rank.

Since the inception of this organization in the year 1911, only 4% of candidates of the scouts have earned the rank of eagle scout. The procedure is very lengthy and detailed and required the candidates to be highly qualified in the area. As of the current date, over 2.5 million youths of America have earned the recognition of the eagle scout.

How to apply for the eagle scout Rank Application?

eagle scout Rank Application

To apply for the eagle scout rank application you will need to follow these steps:

  • Complete all the levels and requirements for the eagle scouts application.
  • Fill the application form.
  • You need to click on this link filestore scouting to get the application form.
  • Provide required attachments and other requirements like dates, signatures, references, merit badges, the position of responsibility, etc.
  • Submit the Obtained Required Signature.
  • Prepare the workbook for Eagle Scout Service Project.
  • Send your binder containing all original documents to the Council Service Center to complete the process.
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The requirements for the eagle scout application is as follows:

  • The candidate must have been a life scout for at least 6 months.
  • He must have earned a minimum of 21 merit badges.
  • Additionally, he must have demonstrated Scout spirit and leadership under his troop, ship, or crew.

Eagle Scout rank application process Details?

The application process details for the eagle scout starts with the application process and is as follows:

  • The first step is to complete the application by following the above steps.
  • After the application is submitted and the documents are received by the Council Service Center, the council verifies the application.
  • Once the verification procedure is complete the references are contacted.
  • The next step is to schedule the Board of Review to review the application.
  • The application then goes from the review team to the Council.
  • The council then sends the same to the National Advancement team who validates the application received to schedule the honor.

How long does it take to process an eagle scout application?

The eagle scouts application process usually takes several years to process. The last stage of the process involving the last three or six months being the most to me consuming.

Does eagle scout help with college admissions?

Yes, the eagle scout achievement often helps in college admissions. The college is usually impressed by the eagle scout honor as it is very difficult to get.


The application deadline for the eagle Scout’s achievement is March 1st of every year. This means that the applicants are required to submit their eagle scouts application on or before 1st March every year.

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