Galaxy of Stars Business Grant for Minority women [Guide]

Running a business or even making it progress is not easy as such but if you are inclined towards making your business right, you will need to find the right clients for yourself as well as the right funding.

Galaxy of Stars is such an organization that funds businesses and helps them run them regularly. They have not only helped people they have done it through individual funding as well as through several organizational outlets and funding.

They have also received funding from the US Department of Commerce, and the Economic Development Administration after a proper analysis.

To know more about their funding uses the following essential information the funding.

What is Galaxy of Stars Grant?

Galaxy of Stars Grant is a lifetime grant that comes in the way of those who are keen on starting a business for themselves or already have one. They help young businesses with everything starting from hosting websites, connecting businesses to proper contact points, and also making things work for them.

Website binding, hosting, getting better deals for your businesses and all other features are included. Minority, disadvantaged and low-income groups are together supported through this program.

Who is Eligible for Galaxy of stars grant?

If you want to start a business or for the time own a business, you can be eligible for the free grant that need not be returned in any way back.

  • You need not be 18 years or older to start receiving the funds for the business. Even children are eligible for receiving the funds.
  • The scheme is open to US citizens and goes through the businesses run by women and children.
  • To be part of their grant, you must not be a defaulter of any sort in the States.

What are the Application requirements?

Application requirements involve being a woman or a minority candidate trying to succeed in a business. The amount is given by the Galaxy of Stars that is brought by the Hidden Star serving as a (501) (3c) nonprofit organization.

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Galaxy of stars business grant for minority women Application Process

It just takes 30 seconds to start the application for the Galaxy of Stars grant.

  • Start by adding your email address and then enter your first and last name on their official website
Galaxy of Stars
  • Include your Zip code and gender to continue with the application.
Galaxy of stars apply
  • Include your ethnicity details and business status (you have a business or you plan to start a business) before clicking on the Submit tab. Also agree to their Galaxy terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox before the Submit tab.
Galaxy of stars online apply


Joining the Galaxy Community can bring your different needs to promote your business to completion as their platform allows;

  1. Individuals to learn different tips and tricks for making your business a success.
  2. With them, you can get your business listed in the Minority Business Directory.
  3. Connecting and talking to members of a community is possible through this platform.
  4. All you have to do is register yourself by entering the email address, username, password, first and last name, zip code, gender and ethnicity in the given segments to start the application alongwith the business status.
  5. The grant sum of $3250 is essential as it can add to your business and it always facilitates minors and women.

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Is Galaxy of Stars legit?

Galaxy is a legitimate grant that comes together for people who register at their site.

How much is the Galaxy of stars grant?

The grant given differs from one year to another and in the current year, the grant is finalized at $3250 per individual who qualifies.


The Galaxy Grant award is one of the best arrangements one can make at the beginning of a business. The most essential business-making ingredient is money and having the right amount, in the beginning, can help establish the business on the right path. If you are in such a stage, you can start your application process now.

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