Green Card lottery Application Online Process Guide

Living the US dream is dream come true for many. Those who are not happy with their current state of living can start over again by changing their country and continent altogether. But not everyone has the money to start over again in a different land. For those who don’t have the money to pay for the journey and also don’t have the option to apply for a Green card, they can always check with the Green card lottery availability within your country. In this lottery scheme, there will be a chance to win a lottery ticket whereby you will get a green card.

Of course, your country won’t be eligible if 50,000 US green cards are already approved for the country by the US government in the last five years.

Who is Eligible for Green Card Lottery?

For the Green card lottery, individuals will need to fulfill the following;

  1. If the spouse of the participants is from a country that can participate actively.
  2. Individuals who have parents born in countries that can participate are eligible to apply.
  3. Even though there is no age requirement, yet if an applicant is below 16 years, they will not fulfill the 12-year education requirement.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the card lottery include;

  1. You will need to be from the country which is allowed to participate in the lottery program.
  2. A basic 12 years of primary education is a must for participating in the Green card lottery.
  3. A two year of work experience is also a must for those who do not have 12 years of education.

Green Card lottery Online application Process (in Steps)

To apply, the diversity visa process begins as soon as you submit an entry. Applicants are selected, and once selected; you can confirm your qualifications. You will need to submit your immigrant visa and alien registration application. Prepare for the interview, and then you will need to attend the interview.

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Online entry facilities are available from 5th October 2022 to 8th November 2022.


Green Card lottery
  • Once you enter the captcha right, you will move to the application page where you must start by filling in your name and gender.
Green Card lottery registration
  • Include your birth date, city and country you were born.
Green Card lottery online
  • Country of eligibility via which you were planning to apply and also an entrant photograph.
Green Card lottery DV program
  • Include your mailing address and the country where you currently live.
DV lottery mailing
  • Enter your phone number, email address and highest education level.
Green Card DV
  • Enter your marital status and the number of children you have.
Apply for DV lottery

Continue with the application process and once completed, click on the submit application tab.


The primary benefit of the Diversity Immigrant visa is that if you are from a country where the migration rate is really low, you can apply for the visa and get a green card for a fresh start.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Green Card lottery application open?

Yes, it is open and will be ongoing upto 08th November 2022. If you plan to apply this year, you still have a long time to file your pre-registration application.

Is Green Card lottery application free?

The application is absolutely free and anyone going for pre-registration need not pay a penny for the application.

Does Green Card lottery affect tourist visa?

No, you can apply for a Green card lottery visa and a tourist visa at the same time. Also, if you are on a vacation in the United States, you can still apply for the lottery given you fulfill the eligibility conditions.


The Green card lottery or the Diversity Visa is offered to a chosen few who participate in the lottery. To participate in the lottery you have to fill out a pre-registration form absolutely free of cost. After the form is submitted the authorities will organize a lucky draw and those whose names come up in the lucky draw will get the chance to go for an interview.

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