How to CHECK HARP application status? (A Quick Guide)

What is a HARP program? HARP is a Heating Assistance Rebate Program that helps the average and low-income Nova Scotians with home heating costs. The Nova Scotians get a rebate of $1000.

The HARP program started on 31 January 2023. You can apply for the HARP program until 31 March 2023. Keep reading the post to learn about the HARP application, including the way to check the application status.

harp application status

How to check the HARP application status?

Once you apply for a rebate online through the Heating Assistance rebate program, you can easily check your application status. Here is how you can check the HARP application status easily

  •  First, you should visit the Nova Scotia official site,
  • Then, you have to move to the “Check status of HARP application” page
  • Under this page, you have to click on the ‘green color start’ button
  • After this, you need to enter the confirmation number and postal code of your application
  • Tap on the ‘check status’ button
  •  This way, you can check the HARP application status and whether it will be approved.

How small does the HARP program provide the rebate amount?

You can get a rebate amount of $1000 if you become eligible for the Heating Assistance Rebate Program. If you apply for this program once, you should wait to apply again.

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This is the best factor about this program. It reprocesses all old applications automatically. If you only get the rebate amount of $100-$200, you will get the remaining rebate when the application is processed automatically by the HARP program.

Remember that if you also want to become eligible for the HARP program or receive the rebate amount, you should have a household income of $85000 or less.


When can you apply for a heating rebate for Nova Scotia?

You can fill out the Heating Assistance Rebate Program application until 31 march 2023. Apply for the HARP program to help you with home heating costs. Once your application is approved.

How to apply for a heating assistance rebate program?

HARP applications are open til 31 march 2023. If you want to apply for this program, you can easily apply at the official nova scotia website.


The HARP program is a program for Nova Scotia people that helps them with heating costs. It provides you with a rebate of $1000 if your application is approved.

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