Interview Waiver Application Online – Know Requirements

A Visa application is just not filling up the application form but also going for the interviews. The applicant’s fingerprint and interview are the processes following acceptance of the Visa application. However, for some special groups, there is a provision for an interview waiver. In this process, an applicant will need to send their complete application form along with their documents to the Visa office.

Those who are allowed for the interview waiver, will not have to show up for the interview process. If they have been permitted for the interview waiver, they can submit their supporting documents along with their completed Visa application via the TNT Express Courier Service for their Visa interview.

Steps to apply for an Interview Waiver Application

Each country has its website and you must follow your country’s guidelines. Most countries will have these minimum steps and this discussion is relevant to Bulgarian residents asking for an immigration waiver for US Visa.

To apply for the interview waiver application, you must complete the following steps.

Step 1: You must pay the Visa application fee by visiting this link.

Step 2: Fill up the non-immigrant Visa Application Form (DS-1600) by clicking this extension.

Step 3: Post filling up your Visa application process, you will have to register on their page to waive your interviews.

Step 4: If you don’t want to fill out the online application, you can give a call to their respective call center. You have several options for chatting with them.

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Application Requirements

For your application, you must submit the following proof of documents.

  1. Provide your passport details
  2. Payment receipt number
  3. The DS-160 confirmation page barcode number
  4. A passport-size photograph
  5. Confirmation mail or receipt for the interview waiver
  6. Any other supporting documents
  7. Applicants renewing their B1/B2 Visa or C1/D Visa must have,
A previous still valid Visa or a Visa that has expired within 48 months.
People renewing Visa under the same classification
Previous Visa is not canceled, removed, stolen, or lost.
The applicant complies with immigration laws.
They are residents or citizens of that particular country
  • The F and M Visa applicants
That particular countries’ national students
Renewing the Visa that was previously also under the F&M classification
They are returning to their previous University
An active, full-time, or an OPT student
Active in the SEVIS database
A recent transcript even an unofficial one is fine
  1. J1 SWT applicants
No Visa refusals in the past
Visa is either in an active, about-to-expire state or the 48-months
The students applying are neither in their first or final year of study
Full-time student in a University of their nation
  • H-1, H-3 nonblanket, L, O, P, and Q Visa applicants
National residents of that particular country
Renewing the same Visa class
No Visa refusal in the process

h) Even G-4 Visa applicants can apply. UN or other international organization designees and their families fall into this group.

Who is eligible?

Eligible people for the program include the following groups.

  1. First-time or repeat applicants at 80 or above.
  2. Nationals or residents of the country.
  3. Children of 14 or below need to apply for the interview waiver program.

Submission of an interview waiver application

After all required documents are submitted, the applicant will be able to submit their information online. If they fail to submit on the due date, within 24 hours, their application will again be marked unused and the slots for dates will open up.

How to get the interview waiver confirmation letter?

When you apply for the interview waiver, an officer will review your application and if you qualify will send you a confirmation.

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