Next-level chef Application Eligibility, Registration process

What do you know about next-level chefs? Have you got any information about Gordan Ramsay? Gordan Ramsay, the next-level chef, is an American-based reality cookery show. This reality show is different from all other cookery shows that are broadcast on TV currently.

Next level chef is one of the best platforms that give the opportunity to people who are best line cooks, home chefs, social media stars, and food truck owners who have extra talent to prepare the best dishes.

This article is written on next-level chef applications, including the registration process, requirements, and eligibility criteria.

What is a next-level chef application?


Next level chef is American based reality cookery competition. This cookery show’s first premier was on 2nd January 2022 on Fox. There are a total of 12 contestants have participated in the next-level chef show. The 12 participants are split into 3 groups.

Gordan Ramsay is the executive producer, presenter, and mentor of the next-level chef show. The contestants to fill the next level chef application are selected from social media models or normal individuals with cooking skills.

In this cookery competition, the contestants in three groups compete with each other to win prize money last. Three mentors observe all three teams of 12 contestants.

Eligibility & Requirements

There are no complex eligibility criteria and requirements to fill out the application for the next-level chef competition. Here are the criteria that you should look for to become eligible for a next-level chef application.

  • The participant belongs to the categories of home chefs, best line cooks, social media stars, and food truck owners and must have the talent and creativity to prepare the best dishes.
  • The trained chefs and amateur home cooks are eligible for next-level chef applications.
  • The participant should be 18 years or above to become part of the next-level chef application.
  • The next level chef application must be a legal resident of the District of Columbia and the united states.
  • The important criteria to become eligible for a next-level chef is that participants must agree to take time off from their daily commitments for three or four weeks.

Registration process

Applying for next-level chef season is the best way for people with creativity and talent in culinary art. Here is the complete information on the registration process that you should follow to apply for the next-level chef in 2023

  • All applications for next-level chef 2023 are filled at the official site.
  • To register for the next level chef or fill application, follow the nextlevelchefcasting link; here, you have to enter your date of birth before moving to the link.
  • Once you fill in your date of birth, you move to the next phase, where you have to fill in the personal questions as part of the initial screening. You fill in the name, email address, and contact number here.
  • Then you have to fill in additional details, including current occupation, relationship status, the last three job titles, etc.
  • Then you have to submit the higher education degree that you hold. The size of the chef’s coat must also be shared as you learn about the next level of chef.
  • If possible, then you can share your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or personal blog here.
  • Here, you must describe what type of chef you want to become. You should rate your cooking skills here from 1 to 5
  • Attach the recent photos with the application for
  • Read all terms and conditions mentioned in the application form
  • After this, you can submit your application form simply 
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How does the next-level chef works?

The next level chef is one of the best cookery competition series, in which 12 contestants participate. The contestants in the next level chef are split into three groups. Every three groups are observed and guided by three mentors in this show.

On which app the next level chef is streaming online?

Hulu is one of the popular streaming apps where you can watch the next-level chef competition cookery show.

How much is the next-level chef prize?

Next level chef awards the winner with great prize money of $250,000 from the professional chef of this show. The prize money for the next level chef can change the whole life of the winner.

When is the first episode of next level chef premier?

According to the official website analysis, the first episode of next level chef was already aired on 12 February 2023 on fox channel.


Next level chef is an American reality cookery competition that gives a chance to participants to earn prize money. The participant who prepares the best dishes is announced as the winner of this cookery competition. Hopefully, this blog might have helped you to grasp all the information collectively. 

So what’s next? Apply for the next-level chef reality program and showcase your cookery skills to the world.

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