How to Apply for Pasadena Housing Authority Application?

There are different housing choice voucher programs in different places in the United States. All these programs work to supplement the Housing 8 voucher program granted to people by the US government. Under this program, low income individuals can actually find help with searching for a home if they register themselves with Section 8 housing authority boards.

Each of these places has different application forms that separately process the housing application. In the case of Pasadena, you can find a housing authority that is devoted to allotting a home to low-income groups. In this article, we will detail the essential requirements and eligibility criteria for applying for budget housing in Pasadena.

Each family is issued a rental voucher post which they need to fill an application for getting low-income housing.

How to apply for Pasadena housing authority application?

  • There is a waitlist in place and Pasadena allows people to apply on certain specific dates in certain months.
  • If you want to apply, you must go online and find out the application form that you must fill-up.
Pasadena Housing Authority
  • Read the instructions carefully and then click on the Get started option.
  • You must have a login ID with you and if you don’t have one, click on the Register tab.
  • Create an account for you to register with the account and also sign up for the waitlist all at the same time. There are two portions to it- The account section and the security question section.
  • Account Section will need to include your first, middle and last name, username, email, password, and phone number.
Apply online for Pasadena Housing
  • In the next segment, include the security questions and the answers to all three security questions.
Pasadena Housing

Once done, you can press the Submit tab to complete the Pasadena Housing Authority application form.

What are Pasadena Housing Authority Application Requirements?

To get the vouchers, you must apply with Pasadena Housing Authority and complete the application requirements below.

  1. You will have to show your income statements which could be anything starting from your income slips to your food vouchers from the government.
  2. Your family size will be taken into consideration as well as the active members in your family. Thus, you must add the SSN of all the actively earning family members.
  3. They must not earn more than 50% of the median income of Pasadena if they want to get incorporated into the voucher scheme.
  4. The HA will retrieve information about the family income, assets, and also family composition.
  5. They must contact your bank and employer to find out details about your financial status. In such a case, you must cooperate.
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Who is Eligible?

You are eligible to apply for the Pasadena Housing authority application if you fulfill the below eligibility criteria.

  1. Preference is given to homeless or residency veterans, and to families that work within the limits of Pasadena.
  2. You must be a resident of Pasadena in the United States if you wish to fill out the application for the housing authority voucher.
  3. Anyone applying must be 18 years or older if they wish to apply for the voucher.
  4. Individuals must not be earning beyond the accepted 50% median level.

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Contact Details

You can connect them using their mailing address or their telephone number.

Their mailing address is Pasadena City Hall, 1149 Ellsworth Drive, Pasadena, TX 77506.

The telephone number for connecting them is 713-477-1511.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to check Application Status?

You can call them to know the application status for the Pasadena Housing Authority. Calling them is possible at 713-477-1511 even if you have further inquiries.

What is Pasadena housing authority application process?

First, there is an application process whereby you need to enter the details asked. After the Housing Choice Voucher program chooses an individual family, it is also taken care of if a rental unit meets the requirements. After the lessee agrees with the landlord, HA must visit the dwelling to inspect it. Post inspection the rental voucher is granted to the individual.


The Pasadena Housing Authority is one of the best platforms for making a request for the housing applications. If you are in search of a safe place, it would be essential that you find a resting place and for that, you must read all the requirements and eligibility criteria as required.

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