How to renew passport online Philippines?

Every passport holder needs to renew their passport once in a while whenever their passport expires. The Philippines government recommends renewing passports one year ahead of their expiration dates. Due to this provision, the Passport offices across the Philippines entertain passport renewal even for the ones that are due for renewal a year later online & offline.

Additionally, passport renewal is possible easily in scenarios where;

  1. The pages in the passport are coming to an end.
  2. If one needs a longer validity for the passport following 
  3. Renewed work permits,
  4. Residency renewal permit or
  5. When going for VISA application.

Therefore, one needs to know the steps towards renewing a passport in the Philippines.

How to Renew Passport online in the Philippines?

A few mandatory steps that one must fulfill to initiate the passport renewal process in the Philippines include the following;

  1. Take an online appointment date after answering essential questions.
  2. Visit the embassy on the appointment date and complete the relevant rounds of interview and scrutiny.
  3. Collect the passport as and when it is scheduled.

The first step is applying for an online appointment and, you must follow the below instructions;

Step 1: Visit the link provided here.

Step 2: The first page that opens up is the terms and conditions page, and by pressing the Next tab, you can move to the next page.

Philippines passport renewal

Step 3: Schedule a date on the next page and then move on to the next tab.

Philippines passport renewal apply

Step 4: Choose your name, email, birth date, phone number, gender, previous passport details, and then check all the required boxes before moving to the next page.

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Philippines passport renewal online

Step 5- Your appointment will get scheduled and the final confirmation will look somewhat like the image given below.

online Philippines passport renewal


There are different categories of requirements. The details of each can be found in the given page link.

The major category requirements have been specified below,

  1. For renewal of adult e-passports
  • An online appointment confirmation mail
  • A filled application forms
  • Physical presence during the interview
  • The e-passport present with the customer currently with a copy of the data page is also required.
  • If there is any name change, then a name change certificate has to be produced like a marriage, birth, death certificate or annulment, divorce, and other court-issued commands.

2. Renewal of adult non-e-passports

  • A confirmation mail and filled-in application form
  • The interview must be attended by the individual
  • The passport currently found with the data page photocopy
  • Valid ID photocopy

3. Minor application renewal for non-e-passport

  • Online appointment confirmation
  • Application form filled and signed
  • Present e-passport photocopy and minor’s personal appearance
  • Marriage certificate and passport or valid government ID.

How to get passport renewal Philippines online appointment?

To secure an online appointment, you must apply in the aforementioned way. The passport application has to be renewed every time your passport is about to expire.


To conclude, passport renewal in the Philippines is an online process for setting up an interview. Once your interview is set, you need to physically attend the interview. Once done, the application is taken to the next step.

You can check the application status online and then wait for the passport to get renewed.

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