Stade de France Tickets Application – How to Book Tickets?

Stade de France is one of the tourist sites worth visiting in France. If you wish to learn more about the stadium then it would be worth discussing that this is the famous stadium where rugby and football matches are held year-round and also the same stadium which opens up for musical concerts and shows.

Famous people have visited the stadium and have lived and breathed in the stadium. If you live for your icons and are that kind of a personality, you can visit them to relive those moments again.

Stade de France Tickets Application Process

Tickets have to be bought for those who wish to visit the stadium. The best part is, that buying tickets is possible from their official website. Their tickets are available from different other sites too but most people prefer purchasing tickets from their official site.

  • You can create an account if you are a regular visitor here. You can also directly purchase online tickets from here as and when you need them.
  • All you have to do is select the show you want to be in and click on it. Ed Sheeran is visiting the stadium on 29th July and the show is already completely booked.

However, choose shows from later dates and you can find your tickets. Now, all you have to do is choose your ticket price from the available options.

  • Next, select your seats from the different available options.
  • Click on the book tab to start the booking process.
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  • Select the language in which you want to book your tickets.
buy tickets
  • Choose your date next from the given segment.
online application
  • You will need to pay and fill in the time next to book your tickets.

What are the Application Requirements?

There are no application requirements for the Stade de France tickets. It is just that you need to have a ticket for yourself when you enter the stadium.

Who is Eligible?

Everyone is eligible to enter Stade de France. There is no age, race, caste, or creed discrimination. Tourists can enter the stadium by paying the appropriate fee as can locales. If you wish to visit Stade de France, ensure you buy a ticket well ahead of time to ensure you get one. Rest all you have to do is travel there to find out more about what you like there.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Stade de France tickets price?

The price for adults is 15€ for adults and 10€ for children. Children 5 and less can go in for free.

Can you visit Stade de France?

You can visit Stade de France with a ticket for sure.

How many seats are in the Stade de France?

There is a total of 81, 338 seats available in Stade de France. However, the stadium can open up to 80,000 seats for a rugby or football match. They can create up 90, 000 seats for a show.

Where are the restricted view seats in the Stade de France?

Handrails, cameras, and seats in the front row are restricted view seats in the Stade de France. These are seats that will restrict the stadium view in different ways and thereby get classified under it.


Here is everything you must know about the Stade de France visit you are planning to take this season. If you haven’t read much about it, read more from this article before you start your application for acquiring your tickets for a visit.

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