Welcome Corps Application Eligibility, Requirement Guide

America is a land of opportunities. Each year thousands of foreigners seek employment opportunities in the US. Also, there are several benefits for an International candidate in the United States. 

However, many candidates’ Visa applications get rejected or need a suitable sponsor. Thankfully, Biden’s new program, i.e., Welcome Corps, will increase your chances of settling in America. So, let’s learn more about this application.

Welcome Corps Application

What is a Welcome Corps Application?

Joe Biden Administration launched the Welcome Corps program on 19th January 2023, which enables US citizen groups to sponsor International candidates. As a result, the refugees can settle with US communities. 

In addition, the Welcome Corps program is most suitable for candidates from countries such as Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Ukraine. Now, private citizens can allow refugees worldwide to resettle in the United States according to the US Refugee Act. 

An individual with their friends can gather funds to sponsor an immigrant and help them build their lives. So, a group must have at least five people, and they should raise $2,275. The particular group should manage refugees’ expenses for three months after they come to the US. These are to settle in the US with a home, job, and food.

So, let’s understand how to get the Welcome Corps application form. 

How to get the Welcome Corps application form?

Applying for the Welcome Corps form is convenient. The Biden Administration gives refugees a golden opportunity to settle in the US.

The following steps will allow you to get the Welcome Corps application form:

  • First, candidates must attend the Welcome Corps introduction and information sessions. These sessions are organized every Thursday at 7:00 PM ET.
  • Get four more US citizens having a green card to participate in the Welcome Corps program. So, you can be in a group of five. 
  • The member in a particular sponsor group must be eligible for a background check. A mandatory step.
  • Any one team member must attend the training program from the sponsor group. It provides a detailed explanation of the Welcome Corps program.
  • Build a Welcome Plan, meaning how you are going to help a refugee.
  • Fundraise for your group to support refugees who will arrive in the US on your support.
  • You can proceed to apply if you have fundraised $2,275 for an individual refugee. 
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Now, we’ll look at the application process.

How to apply for Welcome Corps Application?

You can only submit an application form if you have fundraised $2,275 per immigrant and also have proof. Follow the steps mentioned below and apply for the Welcome Corps program.

  • Open the ‘apply.welcomecorps.org’ website.
  • Click on ‘Apply’ to register Private Sponsor Group Application.
  • Provide your group name, city, state, and postal code.
  • Give details of each member of your group.
  • Read the terms and conditions and tick the boxes that suit you.
  • Upload the necessary documents and click on ‘Submit.’

Let’s look at eligibility and requirements that a group requires for this program.


  • Each group member must be 18 years old.
  • All group members must belong to the same community.
  • All members must complete their background checkups.
  • A group must commit to supporting refugees for three months.

Welcome Corps Application Requirement

  • Group members must be green card holders.
  • They must produce US citizenship documents.
  • The requirement for address proof is a must.
  • The group should fundraise at least 60% for new refugees.
  • They must provide all information on how they are planning to support immigrants. 
  • Finally, sign a commitment form stating that the group will support refugees for three months and help them settle in the US. 


Private sponsorships by individual groups will now allow many refugees to build their careers in the United States. Therefore, the Biden Administration’s Welcome Corps program will prove effective and beneficial for many. It is better for countries where people are suffering to find employment opportunities, e.g., Ukraine.

What must private sponsor groups do when a refugee arrives in the US?

Private sponsor groups should financially support refugees in the US. They must also help them get a job and a home.

Can a private sponsor group under the Welcome Corps program have more than five members?

The US government allows a private sponsor group under the Welcome Corps program to have more than five members. 

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  1. I am an Ethiopian Immigrant who lives in Egypt waiting starting date of second phase Welcome Corps. I am begging God that i will be the beneficiary of this opportunity. God bless America and its people.


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