Joint Yeshiva Program Application Eligibility, Requirements Guide

What is Joint Yeshiva application?

The joint Yeshiva program application is an online joint application program. If you wish to spend a few years in Israel studying, you must find your joint Yeshiva. With the help of the program, you can fill out as many applications as you want.

Click on Yeshiva’s name to find out more about the program. Each application will be made up of several segments, and to apply, you must fill out the application separately for each program. Each Yeshiva will have a separate payment method or fee, and the application will guide you through the process.

These are a few Yeshivas that participate, alongwith many others.

AshreinuBirkat Moshe Maaleh AdumimDerech Etz Chaim
Eretz HaTzviHakotelHar Etzion – The Gush
Kerem B’YavnehLev HaTorahMaale Gilboa
Mechinat YeudNetiv AryehOhr David

Shaarei Mevaseret ZionTorat ShragaYeshiva at Machon Lev
Yesodei HaTorah

Yishrei Lev 


Eligibility differs per college, degree awarded, and also the university under which the college is registered.

  • Your GPA must be 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.
  • Unofficial transcripts with nine or more credits can be submitted.
  • For graduate students, a bachelor of social work is a must.
  • A TOEFL score for non-native English speakers is a must.
  • An application fee of $100 to $125 is also required per application.


The requirements will also differ depending on the Yeshiva you choose. But through the joint Yeshiva program, your requirements will include the following;

  • Medical Form
  • A personal essay with the subject centered around the reason why you want to study in Israel
  • Recent photograph which is either a passport size or yearbook size.
  • High school transcripts must be submitted
  • Two recommendation letters and requests to your references can be sent out directly from the system through email.
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Different Yeshivas will be enrolled under different universities. If you wish to apply to a particular university, you need to find out their deadline when applying through the Joint Yeshiva Scheme. Thus, there is no single deadline, as they also differ on the basis of the admission time, like from fall to spring.

How to apply for Joint Yeshiva?

To apply, here is what you must do from your side.

  • Use this link to start the joint Yeshiva application process.
  • Start by filling in your name, email, city, country, cell phone, home phone and also your current high school details.
Joint Yeshiva application
  • Press on the tab beside the Yeshiva you wish to apply to before you proceed with it.
  • Once you register, it will take you to the application page for that particular college. You must fill out your personal, educational, and other award related details. Also incorporate your address, and identity details, and then tag your essays and recommendations before submitting your application

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the application fee of some of the known Yeshiva?

All have a $100 application fee except some of the colleges.

Derech Etz Chaim & Maale Gilboa – $40

Kerem B’Yavneh- $75

Mevaseret- $ 125

Netiv Aryeh- $172

Ohr David- $50

Orayta- $175

Torat Shraga- $ 110

Contact details of the Joint Yeshiva application

You can reach them at PO Box 177, Modiin, Israel, or ISRAEL.

Alternatively, contact Rabbi Mark Mays at (00972) 522 771 747 number or mail him at [email protected].


Learn about the Joint Yeshiva application requirements and eligibility. If you wish to find out more about the application process, consider going through the write up and reading more about the college you wish to apply to. Most colleges and degrees will have different requirements and eligibilities, but an overall view of the process is here. For those who want to find out more, they will need to read the brochure provided by the college to which they are interested in applying.

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