What does Awaiting Application mean on SASSA?

The Social Relief Distress Fund (SRD) was widely prevalent during COVID-19 in South Africa. Under this grant, the government paid money to those who needed it to survive the pandemic. It was given under the Social Assistance Act, (Act 13 of 2004). You will need to file an application for Sassa to be a part of the grant.

The grant is given to people who could be broadly classified under the four categories-

  • South African citizens
  • Refugees
  • Asylum seekers within the country
  • People who hold special permits within the country

Under these broad categories, you can participate;

  • If you are between 18 and 60 years old, you can participate in the providence of social grants.
  • Your means must not be sufficient.
  • Those who do not receive any form of a social grant themselves can participate.
  • If you are contributing to or are eligible for UIF payments, you can participate in Sassa.
  • There is no financial aid from anywhere else for you.

Within the application, you need to enter the following kind of information.

  • Your mobile phone details
  • Employment-related information
  • Bank related details
  • Personal information
  • Declaration and consent must be signed by you.

What does Awaiting Application mean on Sassa?

Your screen on the online application portal beside your application will read awaiting application in case you began to apply for the Sassa grant. Awaiting the application means you have begun the application process but still have not completed it. Under such circumstances, your screen will read awaiting application.

What does Awaiting Reapplication Mean SRD Grant?

Sometimes, people do not get through the application process due to some information that is erroneously given. Whenever that is the case, you can always re-apply with the correct information. If you have made a re-application, and you are yet to submit it, it says awaiting reapplication.

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What does application pending mean?

When you submit your application for Sassa, and you upon checking your application status, your application status reads pending it means your agencies have still not reviewed it.

Pending review can be for all of the pending verification processes. It includes processes like;

  1. Your personal identity verification,
  2. Banking, and other related information verification processes.

Apart from pending, there are a few other application statuses that you might find on your application.

  • Application complete or approved is for those that have been verified completely.
  • Rejected status means the verification failed and you may need to reapply for it.
  • Grant canceled will mean you might need to reapply again for yourself.

How long does Sassa pending take?

There is no reason why your information is still not verified. Usually, it should not take more than 7 days to approve your application. But if it is delayed, there could be some issues like;

  • They will carry verification for your name from the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Your name will need to be verified with other document details.
  • They will also verify your income source and your employment status.


SASSA is one way of survival in times of great financial distress like the ones that came up during COVID-19. Each of the family members within a family was given R250 as grant money. Additionally, there is a renewal process for the same wherein every three months you can renew your grants if you are still not well off. That way you can make the best of your use of your time to find a job in your sector.

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