Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit Application [Complete Guide]

Canada Worker Lockdown Application: Benefits, Eligibility and How to Apply,

Want to reap the benefits of the Canada Worker Lockdown Program? Check out below. Here we have covered everything you need to know

What Is Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit Application?

Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit Application

Nationwide health emergency (Covid-19) has triggered a panic situation for workers in Canada. Employment is interrupted, and earning has been affected, which made the Canadian Government introduce New Canada Worker Lockdown Benefits legislation.

If you were also unemployed in Canada, couldn’t work due to nationwide emergency restrictions, you could benefit from the CWLB application. CWLB aims to support workers across the nation, where Covid-19 is still prevalent.  

How To Apply

You can apply for the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit free of cost. However, the application process isn’t declared yet – such as how to apply for CWLB – the information is yet to be announced by the Government. The Government of Canada had launched the CWLB scheme recently on October 24. Till then, you can check the application requirements to qualify for the scheme.   

What are CWLB Application Requirements?

The only requirement you need to comply with to benefit from the CWLB application is, you should be employed in Canada and must be vaccinated. Proof related to job profile may be required to submit as per the information that will soon be shared by the Government.  


The Government has shared clear guidelines over the eligibility of a worker for the CWLB program. According to the Government of Canada, those workers won’t be eligible for the program who don’t choose to be vaccinated during global pandemic (Covid-19). 

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Individuals who have lost their jobs due to their refusal to get vaccinated are also not eligible for it. Apart from that, all workers and employees in Canada are eligible for the scheme whose job has been lost by government-imposed lockdown in different parts of the country.  

People who weren’t eligible for EI (Employment Insurance) are also eligible for this scheme. But you will be ineligible if you are already benefiting from the Employment Insurance program.

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How To Check Canada Worker Lockdown Benefits Application Status?

You can check the Canada Workers Lockdown Benefits Application status on the Government’s official website. However, the exact information is yet to be revealed. So till then, stay tuned with us because the scheme will be last till March 2022. 

How To Qualify For Canada Workers Benefit?

To Qualify for Canadian Workers’ benefits, you should be a resident of Canada. 

  • You must have proof of your job or work profile to avoid any issues
  • You must be vaccinated 
  • Must be 19 years of age or above
  • You shouldn’t be an active member of any worker program launched by the Government during lockdown (conditions apply)
  • Apart from that, every worker will be eligible who had lost their job during the lockdown. 

Canada Workers Benefit Phone Number

The Canada Workers Benefits Phone number will be shared soon by the Government to clarify your doubts or queries. 

Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit CRA

Under Canada Worker Lockdown Benefits, employees who have lost their jobs due to government-imposed restrictions will receive $300 pay per week.

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