How to Apply for Mercury Mastercard? Check Application Requirements

What is Pre-Approved application?

The Mercury Mastercard is intended to provide hardworking, middle-market customers with a better credit card at a fair price, allowing them to manage their financial lives better.

When you apply for the Mercury credit card, the lender will give you a pre-approval notification. It comes with a reservation code, which is used to launch the application.

How to Get a Reservation Code?

apply for a Mercury Mastercard

You can’t begin the Mercury card application without a reservation code, which you’ll get in the mail as a prescreened offer. Once you have this reservation code, go to and click on “respond to a mail offer”. If you’ve misplaced your code or are uncertain if you’ve been pre-approved in the past, you may check your approval status.

How to Apply for a Mercury Mastercard?

If you do not already have a Mercury Mastercard, you must apply for one. This process will provide you with the reservation code needed to apply for a Mercury Mastercard. Only those who have been invited may apply for the Mercury Credit Card. To finish the application procedure, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. First, you need to go to the Go Mercury Cards website.
  2. By clicking on this link, you will be routed to the website.
  3. On the site, look for the Respond To Mail Offer option and click it.
  4. Then, in the appropriate box, enter your reservation code.
  5. Fill in the following field with your SSN’s last four digits.
  6. Then, choose the Apply Today option.
  7. If your reservation code has been validated, you may continue to the next stage.

Application Requirements

First, you have to obtain a pre-approval letter from Mercury to apply. The mail includes a reservation number that allows you to proceed with the application.

Mercury does not disclose specific qualifying requirements. However, since the card is targeted to individuals with credit scores ranging from 575 to 675, you’re unlikely to obtain a prescreened offer if your score falls below this range.

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Pre-approved Gomercury Mastercard Benefits

1. Gomercury MasterCard Application

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The app is one of the most significant advantages of the Mercury MasterCard. FaceID and fingerprint scans make it simple to get access with compatible devices. This helps to keep it safe from anybody other than you. You may access your account balance, rewards, transactions, FICO score, alerts, and communication settings via the app. 

2. FICO Score for Free

It is totally free to use with the Mercury credit card. You may use your app to verify its correctness. Furthermore, it enables you to observe what causes your credit score to vary quickly. 

3. There is no annual fee.

The Gomercury credit card has no annual charge, unlike some other credit cards. You will not be charged for holding the card. So, you may use it as often or as little as you like. A credit card with no annual fee is ideal for someone who does not intend to use it often. 

4. MasterCard International Acceptance

MasterCard is the most commonly used credit card on the market. It may be used in over 40 million distinct locations globally. This is excellent news for individuals who don’t want to carry several cards if a merchant doesn’t take them. 

5. There is no fraud liability.

The Gomercury MasterCard protects cardholders if their card is lost or stolen. You will have no fraud responsibility. This implies the lender will not hold you liable for any fraudulent transactions. They’ll repair it as long as you report your card as lost or stolen. The lender will cancel your card, cancel any fraudulent amounts, and replace it with a new one. Reviews

While customers typically express good sentiments about, the higher interest rate means that this card is best used to boost credit usage rather than make routine purchases.

If you receive a letter of pre-approval, it’s certainly worth investigating as a way to improve your credit score.

Is Legit?

The is, in fact, legitimate. It’s a straightforward credit card designed for individuals with fair credit. Additionally, it’s critical to note that you may apply for it only if you’ve got a pre-approved offer.

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