How to Check Hayya Card Application STATUS?

The Hayya card is the gateway to this year’s FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar for the first time. It is being organized in an Islamic state first ever and those who want to be a part of FIFA must have this card with them.

Getting this card would mean going to the account holder’s online account. After being there, you will need to fill out an application form for the Hayya card. Through the application form, the officials will be able to verify your information and then approve you with the Hayya card.

How to Check Hayya card application status?

If you wish to get approved, you will have to provide all correct information. For those of you who do not get the card through your first application, you can again apply five times. It takes 7 days for the card to reach you and there is a way to even obtain a physical Hayya card for those who want it.

How long for Hayya Card approval?

The Hayya Card approval will take almost 7 days and if rejected and if you re-apply, it can take another 7 days or 14 days for approval.

How to Check Hayya card application status?

Login to your Hayya online portal, search for the Hayya card application status tab and click it to start the application.

After getting to the status, you can find the below status commands.

  1. Pending approval: When the application is pending, it means your credit card application is in process.
  2. Pending accommodation confirmation: The accommodation facility needs validation and once validated, you can get the approval.
  3. Approved status: The application is finally completed and approved.
  4. Rejected: Those whose application is denied can apply for it again upto 5 times. But, make sure you have enough time before making the application.
  5. Data Error status: Update and submit the details up to 5 times.
  6. Correction request status: If there is a non-compliant photo or document, you can resubmit it to get approval.
  7. Cancelled: It means you cannot go for the match.
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How to download Hayya card application ?

The Hayya card app has provisions for downloading both the e-version and the Hayya physical card.

To download the Hayya e-card, here is what you must do.

  1. Visit your Hayya app in the digital format on the Hayya mobile app.
  2. All you have to do is take the Hayya card for yourself by asking to get it through the app. You have to download the Hayya card.

To get the printout, you will need the following details.

  1. Login to the Hayya account and then view your profile.
  2. Choose the option that prompts you to receive the Hayya card.
  3. Include the address and wait until you receive the card which may take a while.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who needs Hayya card?

The Hayya card is needed by those who wish to attend the FIFA world cup. You cannot get in to the stadium or watch the match up close if you do not have the Hayya card.

Do I need visa if I have Hayya card?

Yes, you will still need the visa even if you have the Hayya card. Without the Hayya card, you cannot watch the match and without the Visa, you cannot get into the country.

When can I enter Qatar with Hayya card?

It will permit you free travel on Qatar’s public transport after you reach Qatar anytime from 10th November to 23rd December 2022.


The Hayya card is one of the best shots you have for the FIFA World Cup. If you want to find out more, just head on to their site or to this article that tells you a lot about the way you need to check your application status and what each of the statuses would mean. Also, find out if the Hayya card can be found in print and other small details about the Hayya card here.

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