HDB BTO flat Application Step by Step: Check Eligibility

The HDB BTO application can be sent online for acquiring a house. Generally, it takes 3 to 5.5 years to have a house, and if your name is selected, you will be given an appointment date and time to complete the application process.

The Housing Development Board will provide flats to Singaporeans at a subsidized rate. The Build-to-order flats by HDB are created only when almost 70% of bookings are done for the complex.

Below, we have shared step by step guide to apply for HDB BTO flat Application.

What is the HDB BTO application rate?

HDB BTO Application

To find out more about the HDB BTO application rate, refer to this link.

The first timers in different locations have applied for Nov. BTO application rate for flats was seen to be 2.8 per flat for first timers; second timer application rate is 20.9 per flat and overall is 4.2 per flat for non-elderly properties. The rates differ according to different projects, and you must check with the site to know the precise application rate.

HDB BTO flat Application Step by Step Guide

The first step in the process of applying For HDB BTO is to verify your eligibility. Once you have done the verification and find yourself eligible, follow these steps.

  • Fill in the online ballot application by logging into the website provided here.
  • If you choose to apply for the new flat application HDB Page.
HDB new flats

3. You can sign in to your account with Singpass or password.

Login with SingPass HDB
HDB password login
  • The HDB loan eligibility letter will be sent to you if you are selected.
  • You will receive an invitation to choose your flat. You must pay your option-to-purchase fee to complete the process.
  • Sign the Lease agreement papers.
  • Once the flat is complete, collect your keys from the vendor.
  • You can also try the resale login for those who are targeting resale of flats.
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HDB Resale Portal

What are the application Requirements?

There are several application requirements, and some of them are;

  1. If a couple applies for a flat, they must produce their marriage certificate.
  2. If and only when the court accepts the divorce application, can one apply for a home with their mother?
  3. One of the flatmates must be a Singaporean to obtain a flat in Singapore.

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One must satisfy different eligibility requirements throughout the application process.

  1. One of the applicants must be a Singaporean.
  2. If a couple is ordering a flat, they must produce their marriage certificate during the application.
  3. Single citizens more than 35 years old can only apply for a two-room flat.
  4. You must fall in the following income groups
Type of FlatIncome group
2-room flat$7000-$14000 (flats acquired for a short lease period)
3-room flat$7000- $14000, depending on the project type
4-room or bigger flats$14,000-$21,000 for purchasing flats for extended families

How long does HDB BTO take to complete?

According to the current confirmation, flats can take anywhere between 3 years to 5.5 years to complete.


Can I apply BTO with my mother?

If your divorce application is accepted by the court, you can only then apply for a flat with your mother.

Can I apply BTO and SBF at the same time?

No, you can apply for any one of the options at any point.

Is single eligible for BTO?

Yes, single people above 35 years are eligible for a 2-room flat under both schemes.


Being in Singapore and falling in a particular income range can make you eligible for a flat under the BTO scheme. But you must hurry, given today is the last date for submitting the application form as of 11:59 pm. If you read this article, you can apply in a better way with them. The article highlights all the essential requirements and the application process for the HDB BTO flat-acquiring process. Read more about it in this blog article if you are planning to drop your applications.

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