How can I check my HDFC Life application status?

The HDFC life application is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your HDFC policies and also to go through the various policy servicing processes. There are five categories of life insurance policies that one can access through the site and they include;

  • Term life insurance
  • Savings schemes
  • Investment insurance schemes
  • Health plans
  • Retirement and child plans

How to resume application HDFC life?

If you wish to resume your application, you will need to click on the link here to move to that particular page.

  • Start by filling in the details like your email ID, country code, mobile number, and your birth date.
HDFC life
  • After this step, you will move on to the step where you will be able to see your application. Resume where you left it after checking the previous segments.
HDFC login

How can I register for HDFC Life app?

If you are in the HDFC page, click on the first time user tab which asks you to press the register now tab.

register now hdfc
  • When you click on the Register tab, you will move to the next screen, where you will need to add your customer ID, and also perform the security check by adding the right set of numbers. One must click on the Continue tab after doing everything.
HDFC Life app
  • After finishing the security check, you will need to fill out other details as per the requirements and then complete the application process. You will get the login credentials after you complete the online registration.

Next, when you are on the HDFC online site, you need to click on the My Accounts tab.

  • Click on the Register tab to start the HDFC application.
  • Enter your policy number, birth date, and then press the submit tab.
  • When an OTP is sent to your mobile number, you will need to enter it in the space that opens up and then press the continue tab option.
  • Choose the secret question and also mention an answer for it.
  • Add a password and complete the registration process.

Alternatively, you can also register with your email Id, mobile number, client ID alongwith your birth date.

HDFC online site

How can I submit my HDFC Life certificate online?

You can submit your HDFC life certificate online now with HDFC in the form of a video file. Their aim through this process is to simplify the insurance process for the customer. The online video facility is primarily for corporate and retail annuity customers. As its first ever initiative, HDFC aims to provide greater convenience to all users..

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If an annuitant wants to receive their annuity, they will need to submit the life certificate by default. If the life certificate is not submitted in time, chances are that the annuitant might fail to receive an annuity continuously.

There are specific intervals in which the annuitant has to submit the life certificate. Also the annuitant will need to run verification with the bank and the medical practitioner before they submit it.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Click on the submit now link to begin the online process of HDFC life certificate submission.
HDFC life certificate
HDFC life certificate submission
  • Enter your life insurance policy number to submit the certificate online and then click on the submit certificate online tab.
HDFC Life certificate online
  • Complete the formalities and submit the life certificate application to get the annuity benefits continuously.

How can I check my HDFC Life application status?

You can check the HDFC Life policy status using the links and numbers below.

  • Either login to official website to look out for the application status of HDFC Life.
  • You can also call them at 1860 267 9999 number for more details on your application status.
  • Alternately, you can write to them at [email protected].
  • Additionally, you can also SMS them at 5676727 by using a particular keyword like for PREMIUM <space> <policy number>.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many days does it take to login after the customer buys a policy?

It generally takes 48 hours after the policy conversion process is over to login to your customer account.

Can you get your OTP on a different mobile number or email ID other the one registered?

Once you register an application from one device, you will need to use the same device for generating an OTP.

If you really wish to use it on another device, deregister from the previous device by visiting your internet banking option and then moving to the profile option followed by the high security option.

How can you unblock your HDFC Life account?

To unblock your HDFC life account, use the following process;

  • Do Forgot Password, and then answer the secret question you set previously to set a new password for your account.
  • Login using the OTP that sits in your registered mobile number and email ID.

How else can you submit the duly filled life certificate form?

You can submit the duly filled application form either online like explained above or send it to them via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

You can also submit it to any HDFC branch and to find a branch you can locate it using the HDFC branch locator.


If you need to find out more about the online annuity life certificate submission or even if you want to know your application status, you must refer this article. If you leave your details halfway, you can also resort to it. Before your account gets blocked, you get five login attempts to enter your site. Know the processes to quickly complete the application or other processes.

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