How to Apply for Jack Kent Cooke scholarship Application?

Scholarships are a poor child’s best friend when they have good marks in their pocket but don’t have money to go beyond a certain level. Bright minds are funded by the Jack Kent scholarship program and the competition to win a scholarship is extremely tough.

If you have to take up a Jack Kent scholarship, you got to strive harder each day. To win the Jack Kent scholarship, you will need to apply for the Jack Kent scholarship program through an application process. Award amounts vary from one scholar to another based on their tuition fees, book charges and other essential fees for the courses covered by the Cooke scholarship. Jack Kent Cooke scholarship is granted each year to undergraduate student who wants to pursue their four-year college education.

Who is eligible for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship?

Eligibility for the Jack Kent scholarship includes meeting the following eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be in your sophomore year by 1st January 2022 or should be a recent graduate.
  2. The individual applicant needs to have a GPA score of 3.5 in college.
  3. An applicant must have an unmet financial necessity within their family and those with a family income up to $95000 are considered for the scholarship.
  4. One must not have attended a 4-year institution ever in their life previously.
  5. They wish to take admissions to a four-year accredited college by the fall of 2022.

What are the Application Requirements?

The college scholarship program opens on 25th August 2022 and will close on 17th November 2022.

  1. Students will need their grade sheets and the details of the school they attend.
  2. Your contact information must go into the right places within the application form.
  3. You will also need two recommendation letters from teachers and your school counselor’s opinion on the Common app.
  4. Creating an account in the Common App is also essential and that is a must to get into the recommendations.
  5. Choose specific colleges where you seek admission for your graduation.

How to apply for Jack Kent Cooke scholarship application?

The Jack Kent scholarship is one of the best available scholarships and to get it, students need to send in their applications.

  • The first step is to create an account with the Common app and choose if you are a first-year or transfer student, educational professional or parent, or any other adult applying on behalf of the student.
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Jack Kent scholarship

Add your email address, create a password, and add your first name, family name, phone number, and birth date.

Jack Kent Cooke scholarship
  • Include your address, state your country, and also what describes you best.
Apply for Jack Kent scholarship
  • After reviewing all the details, you will need to click on the Create Account tab to complete registration with the Common app.
Jack Kent scholarship application
  • Include Jack Kent in the list and ask your teachers (adviser, instructor, or professor) to fill in the recommendations.
  • Post this step, you will need to answer simple eligibility-related questions for your application.
  • Add several short essays, plans for your college, and the intended major you wish to take.
  • Your financial details and also proof of your family income must go in.

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The benefits of the Jack Kent scholarship include the following benefits;

  1. You get a monetary award of $160, 000 ($55000 per year) for the Jack Kent scholarship, and 40 scholarships are awarded for it.
  2. You also get access to advise for comprehensive education and can easily understand which college and University to choose from.
  3. Prominent cohort-based programming is another advantage of winning this scholarship.
  4. Graduate school funding in its entirety is also a benefit.
  5. A network of 3000 scholars from the past and the present can be on your connection list.
  6. It helps maximize the transition from college to enhance the college student transition experience.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Jack Kent Cooke scholarship acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate of the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship is 1.6%. It is one of the most competitive scholarships in existence and requires a lot of effort to benefit the right way.

How to check Jack Kent Cooke scholarship application status?

You will regularly get intimations about the scholarship details and the status. Even if you login to your online portal, you will see where your application is at that particular point. You will need a log in ID and password for your Jack Kent Cooke scholarship online account.

How many Jack Kent Cooke scholarships are awarded each year?

Usually, the Jack Kent scholarships are awarded each year to almost 40 or 45 students. The number of students awarded the scholarship varies from one to the other year.


The Jack Kent scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded to only meritorious students with a hole in their pockets. You must have good scores in your sophomore to be able to secure a seat for yourself in the scholarship.

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