www.mifotra.gov.rw application form online (Check requirements)

What is the www.mifotra.gov.rw application?

The Mifotra government RW application is nothing but the application for civil service recruitment in Rwanda. Through this portal, anyone can apply online for the civil service. All the details about every exam are present in this platform and anyone can check it. With the help of this platform, the youth can now easily apply for the exams and also get detailed knowledge and idea about the exam. This platform has very easy access and application to any of the exams through this platform can be done.

How to get www.mifotra.gov.rw application form online?

register on Rwanda Civil Service Recruitment Portal

To get the application form you can simply visit the website and go to the option which says form. Otherwise, you can also download the form from the web browser of any electronic device. The best way to apply for the form online is to go to the website and fill the form as it is directed. The website has all the information and there will be no problem in filling the form. Many students have already filled the form, and the website works pretty fast. There are certain criteria that one needs to fulfill to fill the form. After the form is filled and all the steps are completed, one can simply submit the form to complete all the steps.

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How to register on Rwanda Civil Service Recruitment Portal online?

To register online, follow the steps that are listed below:-

  • Go to the official website
  • Go to the option which says register or create an account
  • Fill in all the necessary credentials
  • Create an account or register.

How to check status?

To check the status of your application you again need to visit the official website and go to the option which says status check. The official website is mifotra. There you need to submit your reference id and a simple tap on the option which says status check. Your status will automatically be visible after you go for the status check option. This is the simplest way to check your status but also your reference id must be there with you to proceed with this step.

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  • Citizenship proof
  • Address proof
  • Last Qualification
  • Submission of fees

Rwanda Civil Service Recruitment Portal Benefits

  • One can apply for all the exams that are held by the Ministry of Public Service and Labour
  • Bright and stable future
  • Easy access to the forms and exams

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