VPK Florida Application Program Guide – Are You Eligible?

What is VPK Florida application?

To be eligible for the Florida voluntary prekindergarten education program, your child must be more than four years old and living in Florida

The program is open to all kids irrespective of their family income to prepare children for successful kindergarten education.  This process also helps prepare children for school in the right way and provides good educational content that helps in the child’s overall development to participate in any of the programs, one needs to indicate in the VPK application form.

Steps for VPK in Florida Application

To fill the VPK registration process, you need to go through two steps that include completing an online application form, and a visit to the VPK provider of your choice to physically present the eligibility certificates of the child in the VPK program.

There are three types of VPK programs.

1. School Year program designed for 540 instructional hours

2. Summer program for children revolving around 300 instructional hours

3. There is also a specialized instructional service education program from VPK that is not intended for traditional classroom coaching.

You will first need to register an account with them if you already do not have an account.

Click on the below-given link to start the registration process.

VPK Florida application

Step 1: Enter your parent username which must be your email ID and then add a password, confirm your username as well as password and click on the register my account tab.

online VPK Florida application

Step 2:  Once you have entered the details and your account is registered, a confirmation mail will be sent to your account that you need to verify to activate your account.

Step 3:  The first step towards application is the date of birth for the child for whom you are submitting the VPK application.

application online VPK Florida

Once you enter the child’s date of birth, you will be notified about the program in which your child will be eligible to participate. If you agree with the program, click on the Select tab option.

application VPK Florida

Step 4:  After entering your child’s birth date, you will see sections that you need to fill up. The first section is about the parent followed by the child and household program information.

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VPK Florida apply
VPK Florida apply online

Step 5:  Now fill in the details about yourself, and your partner in this section.

Florida voluntary prekindergarten

Step 6:  In this section, fill in your child’s information.

Florida VPK online

Step 7:  Complete the residential address, and mailing address segment before adding the desired VPK program details.

Step 8: Add all the essential documents in this segment before verifying and submitting the application form.

What are the application requirements?

Whichever program your child participates in among the three, you need to fill in the requirements of VPK Florida application which go as follows,

  1. An online application must be completed by the parent of the child.
  2. You must upload the child’s birth certificate.
  3. A passport or an immunization record duly filled and signed by a physician for the child must also be submitted.
  4. You must also add evidence of being in Florida by adding your electricity bill, face stub or driver’s license.

Who is Eligible?

Your child is eligible for any of the programs if they are 4 years or 5 years of age, living in Florida with at least a parent who is a resident of Florida. Your child must not be suffering from any severe, and debilitating diseases and must not be specially-abled.

Benefits of VPK Florida Application

  1. Development of your child’s social and emotional skills
  2. It increases your child’s vocabulary and also benefits their language skills.
  3. It makes learning fun and accustoms them to the school environment.


How much is VPK in Florida?

The VPK program is free of cost, and participation in the program does not depend on a family’s income but rather depends on the filling of the application form for allowing the child’s participation in the VPK program.

How long does the VPK Florida application process take?

Processing of your VPK certificate can take up to 10 business days after submitting the application form.

Do you have to pay for VPK in Florida?

The VPK program is free of cost and does not require any kind of face or donations to participating. If your child is 4 or 5 years old (depending on the birth date of your child) they can participate in the program for free.

Wrap up lines

So here is a bit about the VPK program. If you are in Florida and your child is 4 years old, think of considering the VPK program for their overall development and health. Do read about it from this blog that tells you details that you must know about the program.

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