Scottish Welfare fund Application 2024 Process [Simple Steps]

The Scottish Welfare grant helps people with various types of grants.Each grant inescapable of helping people combat the financial crisis. All these funds are available through the local council. Whenever there is a quick need for money, you will get help from them. Learn more about it from this article.

What is Welfare fund application?

Usually, there are three types of applications-

  1. Crisis Grant: Whenever you have faced a crisis in your life this is the go-to fund. Fire, flood, accident, loss of job, or money are some such circumstances.
  2. Community Care Grant: For those of you who wish to help someone live or inspire living a properly settled life in a certain kind of community can go for this grant.
  3. Self-isolation aid grant: If you have to isolate yourself due to Covid and is the reason for your loss of job you can take help from here.
How to apply for Welfare fund application?

Scottish Welfare fund application

You must try applying online and if you can’t use the online application process, visit their council to fill it up. Try the phone or email method if you cannot visit the local office.

For convenience, we explain the application process through Aberdeen’s online platform.

Start by entering your National Insurance Number (NIC), birth date, and Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support Reference to start the application.

Welfare fund application

Complete the application by adding your personal details, income status, and job related information in the given segments.

Once done submit the information with all relevant documents.

You can also mail your application once completed to the following address:

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Scottish Welfare Team
Glasgow City Council
45 John Street
PO Box 36
G1 1JE

What are application requirements?

Application requirements include the following parameters;

  1. National Insurance Number
  2. Birth Date
  3. Income proof
  4. Other such essential details which can contribute to their judgment about your sanction.
  5. You are unable to get any other financial help from anywhere else.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible candidates are those who fulfill the following conditions;

  1. An individual is at least 16 years old or more when applying.
  2. They have a low income or have no money to sustain their living.

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Each grant is purpose specific and can cover different essential parts of your life’s problem.

  1. A crisis grant can help you deal with the ongoing crisis you have in hand.
  2. It could be emergencies and disasters, living expenses, and other items.
  3. When you have to separate yourself from those around you due to COVID-19, you can receive grants.

Any specific requirement can be fulfilled through the crisis grant easily.

FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions)

How to track Scottish Welfare fund application?

You will need to contact your local council for tracking your application. The list of the local council is given here.

How long does the Scottish Welfare fund process takes?

Most of them will take two days to process the Scottish Welfare Fund application. However, certain councils might take more time due to the large inflow of applications.


The Scottish Welfare Fund is in place form a welfare ground for individuals who suffer from some immediate crisis. It is as per the requirements of the individual that the funds get allotted to people. Those who need the funds must always apply for them whenever there is an emergency.

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