Federal Scholarship Board Online Application Process Guide

There are several scholarships available to the citizens of Nigeria if they wish to continue their education further. Most often students do not complete college due to monetary shortages. To prevent students from lagging, scholarships came into existence. Individuals need to showcase an excellent desire to complete their education and must be talented enough to go for scholarships. Ideally, four divisions follow:

  1. Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA)
  2. General Duties
  3. Nigerian Awards
  4. Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan

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federal scholarship

Who is Eligible for www.education.gov.ng scholarship application?

The Federal scholarships apply to different available study streams in Nigeria.

Be it science and technology, medicine and para-medicals, law, art, and other such subjects.

To get the scholarship, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Only Nigerians can apply for scholarships.
  2. If an individual does not take up the scholarship amount within a stipulated period, the scholarship might lapse.
  3. The scholarship available is in effect from the beginning of the academic session.
  4. If there are other scholarships that a Nigerian student is holding currently then they will not be eligible for this particular scholarship type.
  5. Once a student has received a scholarship in a particular subject or area of study that cannot be changed even if it means cancelling the scholarship in that year.
  6. There are the following fees covered under the program- tuition fees, institution charges, personal maintenance allowance

What are the Federal scholarship Application Requirements?

The application requirements for the Federal scholarship include fulfilling the following conditions;

  1. The individuals must be registered for a full-time course in any recognized university within Nigeria.
  2. The CGPA score for the student must be 4.0 on a 5-point scale.
  3. The individuals applying for a scholarship must have a proper ID card. The ID card must be issued by the Nigerian government to the student.
  4. The student will need the last exam result and need to attach it with the application.
  5. Applicants will need to produce a letter of admission issued by the institutions.
  6. They will also need a single passport-size photograph to add to the application form.
  7. The current course registration form is essential
  8. The income details of the family are also important.
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Federal scholarship board online application

Visit the Federal scholarship board education.gov.ng and then start the application.

  • The Federal scholarship application will come up whenever the scholarship is available.
  • Include your personal information and also your educational details.
  • You must add your date of birth details and also your mailing address in detail.
  • Include the income details of the family. It helps decide the neediest students who need the scholarship.
  • Include all other information in the given prompts to complete the application.

How long does the application Process Take?

Once the application window closes it will take almost 90 days to sort out and select the applications. There could be a situation where you might hear from them even within 48 hours from the time you submit your application. Thus, it is best to apply at least 3 months before the college degree program begins.

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Contact Details

You can contact them by calling the following numbers- 08035937427, 09124516750.

Write to them here at this mailing address: Federal Scholarship Board, Abuja plot, 245 Samuel Ademulegun Street, Central Business District.

Try also calling them on +2348077884417 number.

Further, email them at [email protected].

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are federal grants based on financial need?

Yes, most of the Federal grants cover students who have a deep financial crisis and are in need of monetary replacements to complete their degrees.

Can I apply for scholarships before being accepted?

No student can apply without being accepted into any of the colleges and universities for federal scholarships.


Federal scholarships are one of the best ways to keep your studies ongoing if you want to complete your education and want to head to a meaningful life. The scholarship will require an application but before that one must be enrolled in a course of their choice. However, students need to watch out that during the scholarship duration, a student cannot continue receiving the grant if they think of changing streams or subjects.

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