BPI Credit Card Application or Check Status [Get Php 10,000]

Are you planning to apply, or have you done applying for a BPI credit card application? Here’s a detailed guide on BPI credit cards to know everything about this fabulous card. 

What is the BPI credit card application?

BPI credit cards make your everyday spending manageable and more affordable. The card comes with big benefits, allowing you to pay your monthly bills on time. Like hospital bills, tuition fees, rent, or any monthly installment can be managed easily with this single card. You can also get a BPI credit card through one application. How you can apply for the card, we will be discussing it next in this article.  

Apply BPI Credit Card Application

How to apply for BPI credit card Application?

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how you can apply for a BPI Credit card in no time. 

  1. First, check your credit history, which is more likely to impact your eligibility for BPI Credit Card.
  2. Eligible People will visit BPI Official website www.bpi.com.ph
  3. Click on the “Card Menu” to apply for a credit card (find it in the upper section of the page)
  4. Enter your information, be clear and truthful about your identity, employment, and finances
  5. Review the submitted details and wait for the approval.

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What are the application requirements?

Besides your credit history, you must have the following requirements passed. Such as 

  • Need to Submit – A valid government-issued ID card 
  • Need to Submit – A valid income proof
  • Submit a copy of all these proofs in JPEG, GIF, or PDF format in size less than or equal to 2 MB. 
  • Click on the “Submit” button and wait for the response. 
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(Please note: You can re-edit or cancel your application within three working days from the day you filled out the application form. The application will automatically be canceled that have been found faulty or incomplete). 

How to know if your BPI credit card application is approved?

After submitting documents for the BPI credit cards application, you need to wait for a few days for BPI to contact you. It typically takes one or two weeks to process an application for BPI Card successfully. So till that, have some patience. If it has been crossed two weeks or a month and no response has been received, you can assume that your application has declined.  

How to Check BPI credit card application status?

There’s no need to check your application status actively. If your submitted information is correct and detailed were accurate, BPI itself contacts you within one or two weeks. Alternatively, you can visit www.bpi.com.ph to review the BPI response on your application.

Simply log in to your account > click on the OTHER SERVICES option > click on STATUS INQUIRY > then CREDIT CARD and enter the date of application.

Your Application Status will be shown. Whether it is canceled, approved, or pending, you will find it here. 

How to waive the annual fee for a BPI credit card?

Annual fees for BPI credit cards can range anything from PHP 1,000 to PHP 5,500 – depending on your card’s plan.  However, almost every card waives annual fees for the first year except for the BPI eCredit Card, which is exempt from any annual fees.

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