The Official Girlfriend Application PDF – How to fill out?

Want to find an official girlfriend for yourself, someone you can make your own? There is an easy way to get hold of someone you can like. It is known as the official boyfriend application. Most people do not trust what is spoken often, nowadays given there is so much fraudulence in the whole world. A written document is always better as it can serve as an alibi in case of any fraud, misconduct or coercion of any form. Most people meet on common dating sites where the chat boxes are not enough proof of any wrong or misdoing.

How to fill out Official girlfriend Application

How to fill out official girlfriend application?

There is a funny version and a serious version of the official girlfriend application form in which you can detail everything you want to see in your partner and also tell them about yourself.

  1. Fill in your basic details that will involve your full name, residence area, nickname, age, eye colour, natural colour of your hair, recent hair colour that you use, height as well as your weight.
  2. Next, include your contact details which would mean adding up your home phone number, cell number, IM name and email address.
  3. Section 3 of the form is the deal breaker section where several intimate questions are mentioned. 
  4. The “getting to know you” segment will be more about your formal details like education, religious beliefs, family details and your favorite movie series.
  5. Sections 5 and 6 deal with your short answer questions like things that best describe you or adjectives that best fit you.
  6. Section 6 is all about your past relationships and the status of those relations.
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What are Application Requirements?

Adding details from these segments is essential and thus, you must have a basic knowledge of these essential requirements.

  1. Add references who act as common points who know both of you.
  2. Your individual ideas about a perfect date and also your thoughts on a relationship.
  3. The music you like and the films you’d love to add.
  4. Include your contact details like your email and phone number.
  5. The address where you currently live.

How to download the official girlfriend Application PDF?

You can download and print the prospective application and send it across to the respective people involved in forming the relationship that may include some middleman intervention or directly your girlfriend.


The official girlfriend application is a way to start a relationship and can be used by those who are absolute strangers to each other. That way, they can know their dates or girlfriend well before they go on a date officially.

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