How to Cancel CAO Application online?

Those willing to study in Ireland will need to apply through their robust, centralized platform called the Central Applications Office (CAO). When placing your application with the Irish CAO authorities, you will have a more systematic and quick response rate. There is nothing amiss in their application process and everything is orderly and smooth.

The Central Applications Office is an organization that is responsible for applicants applying for undergraduate college and university courses. It is a central processing process in Ireland that is used primarily for a far fairer and more efficient application process.

How to cancel CAO application online?

The undergraduate admission decisions are made by HEI (Irish Higher Education Institutions). These decisions about successful applicants are passed onto the CAO and they, in turn, make offers to the candidates who successfully qualify for the scrutiny.

Can you cancel a CAO application?

Yes, you can cancel the CAO application easily and all you need to do is enter the information in the application.

How to cancel CAO application Online?

You can always cancel any application that you make to the CAO. To do it, you will need to have the cancellation form with you. The cancellation form is available at this link for those who want to cancel their form. Once you have read the terms and conditions, and understand the form completely, go ahead, fill it and send it across to them.

  1. You must enter your name, CAO number, address, birth date and email address. You must also include your telephone number.
  2. Read the CAO acknowledgement and declaration page carefully.
  3. Sign and date your CAO cancellation application.
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What are application requirements?

To submit the CAO application, here is what you must understand.

  1. You must submit a photocopy of transcripts and certificates and they must be in the native language that you used to complete the courses. In these transcripts, you should be able to see dates, subjects and also the results.
  2. You must tag translations with certificates not in English or Irish.
  3. If there is a name change event whereby your current name is different from your previous name, you must support it with a name changing document.
  4. Add English language competency test result details if English is not the first language of the candidates.

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How do I edit my CAO application?

To edit program choices or to extend the CAO application to another session, you should click here for further processing.

To process the program choices, they will require the following details.

  • CAO/ID number
  • Email and cell phone details

For adding exam results or even new documents click on this link for more information.

To process the application, you will need the CAO/ID number alongwith your cell phone details and email access.

The documents you need will require an ID copy and the highest qualification that you received. You might also need to submit any other documents that the institution requires from your end.

Email CAO at [email protected] for contact details changes and for other queries send an email to [email protected].


CAO applications are best for those applying to Irish colleges and universities. Those who wish to find out about the CAO application cancellation and editing processes must read the details here.\

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