How to check the client’s Application Status?

What is the client application status tool?

There are three ways in which you can check your client application status.

  1. You can call them
    • You can use their client application status portal
    • Use the GCMS routes right through the IRCC

When trying to operate the client application status tool, here are the following details you will need to fill-in to check your application status.

  • You must have the identification number associated with your application.
  • Every applicant must know and keep the date and place of birth information ready.
  • Add your surname as available in your identity document.

How to check the client’s application status?

You need to use the following process to complete the client’s application status.

  • Click on the e-CAS file to start the application.
  • Enter the ROC-O (9-digit B number or 8-digit client ID)
  • Enter your complete name, birth date, and also your place of birth.
  • After entering the details, click on the Application status tab.
  • You can check exactly where the application is, using the client’s e-CAS application tool.

What are the reasons for the processing delays in your application?

There are several obvious reasons why your application may experience some processing delays from their end.

  • There is still a lot of information that needs to be verified.
  • If there are any criminal or security related issues.
  • Background checks need to be done more.
  • If your family’s status is not completely clear- there could be an incomplete divorce or adoption, or a child custody issue that is prevalent.
  • When a need arises where you will need to submit more documents
  • An interview is pending for you with them.
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Which applicants are eligible to use the e-client application status and who are not?

To use the e-client application status not all can use it. But the most eligible of those who can use the site include;

  • Permanent resident card holders
  • All categories of temporary resident cardholders
  • All categories of sponsored applicants
  • Every refugee is possibly eligible.
  • All citizenship categories and their records
  • Those Canadians who are permanent residents and have filed IRCC applications for various compassionate and humanitarian programs.
  • Permanent residents from outside and within Canada apply through different categories.

Those who are not eligible will be those who fall under the following categories;

  • Those who have filed for immigration documents like verification of status, replacements, and various amendments.
  • Searching for citizenship result categories is also not permitted.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When can you check client’s application status?

You can check the client’s application status only after receiving an acknowledgement letter or email. An AOR (acknowledgement of receipt) is only sent after the application is found to be complete.

Why is calling them to know the application status not such an easy process?

The simplest way to know more about your application status is to call them at 1-888-242-2100. However, there are some obstacles you will need to overcome.

  • There could be a long wait. IRCC is too busy, and you could be on hold for hours.
  • After you get through, you will need to use your application number or UCI to prove you are the applicant.
  • Mostly, you might not be happy with the information you get as you may not get accurate details.


Here’s all about what you need to understand about the client application status tool. The e-CAS tool is the safest and fastest way to check the status of your application. The e-CAS tool is the safest and fastest way to check the status of your application. Those who wish to check their application status this way must note if they meet the stated eligibility criteria.

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