How to apply for Courage to Grow scholarship?

College degrees don’t come cheap in today’s world and as a result, many struggles to keep pace with the monetary requirements of a course. Keeping oneself debt free is a dream many students dream of during their college but rarely few can attain it.

Scholarships have always been a good way to derive the money one needs as there are only a few with an obligation to return the amount that too, in kind and not in cash. Thus, students always try to find out scholarship programs wherein they have no obligation to return anything.

One such scholarship among many others that come in handy is the Courage to Grow scholarship. Under this scheme, you can get an amount you will find useful for your studies.

What is Courage to Grow scholarship?

The Courage to Grow scholarship pays a sum of $500 to one student per month and this amount is given to them irrespective of their family’s income. The soaring economy is making things tougher for students primarily.

How to apply for Courage to Grow scholarship?

Every month the deadline is the last day of the month for the application. The award is given within two weeks from the last date of application. If your last date of application is 31st August, you might hear from them by second week of September next month.

Who is eligible?

There are a few eligibility criteria that one must fulfil to get a scholarship from them.

  1. The scholarship is open to US citizens alone.
  2. They must either be in junior or senior sections of their respective high schools.
  3. A minimum GPA of 2.5 or more is essential for getting this scholarship.

What are Courage to Grow scholarship application requirements?

Application requirements are not plenty and involve the following;

  1. Enter your date of birth and proof might be required to prove the birth date of the applicant.
  2. Add a valid email address and contact phone number in the application form.
  3. You must write a 250 word essay as to why you must get the scholarship amount.
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How to apply for Courage to Grow scholarship?

Once you click on the link, you must go ahead and start filling in the application form.

Include your complete name, birth date, and contact details including your email address and phone number.  Check the application checkboxes whereby one checkbox is for accepting the terms and conditions. Another one will be for getting application status notifications and also for other scholarship notifications.

Courage to Grow scholarship
  • On the next page copy and paste or type the essay before clicking on the Submit tab.
Courage to Grow scholarship apply


Monetary benefits come around straight per month for a student. It will help you keep yourself comfortable in times when you need money the most that are your years as a student.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Courage to Grow scholarship legit?

The Courage to Grow scholarship is a completely legitimate one and their month’s winner is posted on their site every month. In some months if they do not find enough applicants or a winner they might leave it blank but usually their monthly winners will show up every month on their web page.

Do you have to be poor to get a scholarship?

This scholarship grant is not linked to your family’s income but your average grade points. One need not fall in the poor’s category to gain from it a monthly draw of $500.


The scholarship funding is directed toward reducing a student’s overall financial burden. Cash of $500 can go in towards the tuition fees or into any other essential area of expenditure necessary towards maintaining a college degree. The amount is, however, a one-time payment and therefore, must be used judiciously. There is no limitation to the number of times you can apply for the scholarship program. Since the scholarship program appears every month, you can keep applying every month. If the applicant’s essay does not get selected, it might just mean some other applicant’s essay was better than the one who applied for it. You can work on your essay to make it better and make edits to make your essay better.

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