KPA Internship Application form Kenya

The KPA is the Kenya Ports Authority which is inviting applications currently for their different job positions. The students are being invited to an internship with them and the experience that will come from working with them is amazing. 

To apply, you must apply for their internship position and wait for their call. The internship is open to every course type being taken at the University of Kenya.

If you want to apply, ensure you read about the eligibility requirements and also the documents that you may need during the application process with KPA.

However, applying for different internship programs like mechanical, electrical, ICT, transport and logistics alongside their civil engineering ones are available for this week. Every week there are new internship schemes available with them.

Who is Eligible for KPA internship application?

Eligibility for a KPA internship will vary from one type to another. 

  1. If you are choosing a particular type of program, you must have a degree in that particular subject.
  2. Candidates must not be above 35 years old for KPA.
  3. It is made for graduates and must have support from their school.
  4. Students with good communication skills can only apply for jobs.

What documents are required?

Documents will include your engineering certificate with you to start the KPA application process.

Additionally, you will need to submit the KPA application alongwith documents that also include an 

  • Identity document and also 
  • Your address proof alongwith your 
  • Birth certificate as your age proof

KPA Internship Application

To apply for the KPA internship, here is what you are expected to do.

  1. Register with the KPA online site by entering your name, email address, password and username.
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  • Read the terms and conditions for the Kenya Port Authority application and click on them.
  • Once they find your registration detail, and after confirmation of your online account, you will receive a link in your mail ID.
  • When you receive the link, you can click on it to start the KPA application.
  • Enter your personal, educational and professional details and tag up your documents together.
  • Email the application alongwith documents to [email protected].


According to the internship scheme, employees will enjoy the following benefits as interns.

  1. According to the employees, KPA is an immensely wonderful place to be for work.
  2. Better remuneration is available for those who wish to apply for KPA.
  3. Work is stipulated which means you will have to go home and rest or enjoy per se a proper work life balance is in place.
  4. You can always have a chance to get hired as a permanent employee with them.

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How long do internship applications last?

It is a 12-month internship program that will last enough for a fresh graduate to learn more about the port jobs. If a student wishes to continue further and can show merit, there is a chance they can find a permanent position alongside.

What does KPA stand for salary?

KPA employees can get a suitable salary and the pay scale can be anything around $72983 every year. They have bonuses and other adjoining benefits and KPA is even for intern payments.


KPA is a place where one can learn the basic tricks of the trade and working is possible following proper application. You must be ready for their jobs as they will take a lot of discipline even as an intern. Start understanding more about the intern role you wish to join with them and find out the details from here.

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